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Californians Can’t Drive Right in the Rain

By Joseph Low on January 20, 2023

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Though it may look easy to some of us, driving in the rain is not as simple for many Californians. But many still have the belief that they can drive efficiently in the rain, so they don’t adjust their driving mechanics as they should in inclement weather which puts the lives of others on the road at risk.

Also, when it doesn’t rain for long periods of time, oil builds up on the road surface which makes things even worse when it does rain. Roll all of these things together and rain becomes one of the top causes of car accidents in California.

Why Is Driving in the Rain Dangerous?

It is crucial to take the weather seriously when driving anywhere, but the risk of accidents increases even more when dry areas receive rainfall after a long time without it. There are various reasons why most roads in California are risky when it rains. Some of them include the following:

  • Vehicles can crash due to hydroplaning — car tires fail to grip the road surface and don’t stop on time.
  • Given the prolonged dry periods in California, oil accumulates on the road, making it challenging for tires to work.
  • Unfortunately, most drivers in California are not experienced enough to drive in the rain. This increases the risk of accidents and collisions.

Understanding the Triggers of Rain Accidents

The main cause of accidents when it rains in California is the unseen layer of oil that builds up on the road. Given the advanced road network in the state, millions of cars use highways throughout the state daily. This results in significant oil deposits that build up on the road.

Over time, there will be enough oil deposits to cause damage to Californian drivers. In most parts of the state, it can go for months without rain. It only takes a few months for oil to accumulate on the road, making it slippery when it finally rains. Oil deposits are not a threat in parts that receive regular rain as it washes away the deposits.

Most Californian drivers can’t handle road conditions when it rains, making it even riskier. They cannot maneuver slippery road surfaces and end up hitting other motorists. The severity of these accidents depends on how fast the vehicle was going and the nature of the collision. Victims of such accidents have the right to seek compensation for any damages or injuries suffered.

How Can Californians Stay Safe When It Rains?

All motorists have the responsibility to exercise caution when on the road. If you want to avoid collisions when driving in the rain in California, there are several measures you can take. Here are some of them:

  • Be cautious and drive slowly
  • Avoid driving too close to other vehicles
  • Know how to deal with hydroplanes, and the resulting effects

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