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When Animals Cause Severe Car Accidents

By Joseph Low on December 20, 2022 - Comments off

The California Highway Patrol reports that over two thousand automobile accidents were caused by collisions with wildlife in a recent year. And across the country over 12 thousand people are injured and more than 150 die in an average year due to accidents caused by animals. Read the rest »

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How a Car Accident Can Damage Your Kidneys

By Joseph Low on December 10, 2022 - Comments off

Your kidneys are extremely important. In fact, they perform crucial functions that are required to keep you alive. If your kidneys are injured in a car collision or another type of incident, it’s crucial to seek medical attention right away. Read the rest »

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How New Anti-DUI Vehicle Legislation Affects Californians

By Joseph Low on November 25, 2022 - Comments off

President Biden signed legislation in 2021 that requires all new vehicles to be manufactured with advanced drunk and impaired driving prevention technology installed in them to reduce DUIs across the United States. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act calls for this change to be made after a given date. As a Californian, knowing how this new anti-DUI legislation could affect you is crucial. We’ve outlined everything you need to know about the bill below. Read the rest »

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What Are the Responsibilities of Parents of Teen Drivers?

By Joseph Low on October 20, 2022 - Comments off

As a parent, putting your teenager behind the wheel of a car can be both a good thing and a bad thing. On the upside, you can now spend your time doing other things than driving your teenager around to school and extracurricular activities. On the downside, it is difficult not to worry, considering the current teen driver crash statistics. Read the rest »

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The Importance of Proper Braking Techniques for Big Trucks

By Joseph Low on October 10, 2022 - Comments off

Thousands of people are killed or seriously injured in trucking accidents every year in the U.S. In the most recent year for which statistics are available, 4,842 large commercial trucks were involved in fatal crashes, and 107,000 were involved in injury crashes, according to the National Safety Council (NSC). Brake failure is a leading cause of truck accidents. Read the rest »

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How To Discuss Chronic Pain In Car Accident Claims

By Joseph Low on September 15, 2022 - Comments off

It is hard enough to sustain a short-term injury during a car accident and even worse to have ongoing chronic pain in the weeks and months that follow.

Chronic pain following a car accident can occur in all parts of the body, however, it is more common in certain places. Often, victims find themselves with long-term neck, shoulder, and back pain that is a result of the impact of the crash itself. Another body part in which chronic pain is common is the limbs, as they are easily broken during an accident. If a limb break does not heal correctly, this can cause long-term pain for the victim. Read the rest »

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What If You’re Injured as a Passenger in Your Friend’s Car?

By Joseph Low on August 15, 2022 - Comments off

Undoubtedly one of the most horrific and terrifying experiences you can have in life is being a passenger in an automobile accident.

You can make a compensation claim for your damages or injuries, which will probably be made against the at-fault driver’s insurance coverage. You can do this if the collision was caused by that driver’s carelessness. Read the rest »

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Does a Big Rig Truck Have a Black Box?

By Joseph Low on July 30, 2022 - Comments off

What is a Black Box?

A black box refers to a safety mechanism historically used in the aviation industry to track data during flights. Black boxes have now expanded outside the aviation industry to include the commercial trucking industry.

Most big rig trucks now have this device to track the likely causes of accidents and improve safety measures. However, whilst the majority of trucks have a black box, not every commercial truck does.

Black boxes, also known as event data recorders, enable governmental regulators to ensure safety of the trucking industry. They also serve a retrospective purpose, allowing crash victims to determine the causes of their accidents. Read the rest »

How Trucking Practices Place Drivers at Risk in Long Beach

By Joseph Low on June 20, 2022 - Comments off

More semi-trucks on the roads today make driving more hazardous for everyone – on some highways more than others. For example, the stretch of I-5 that runs through Orange County is particularly dangerous because of the number of big rigs traveling two and from Los Angeles. Much of the current truck traffic relates to shipping patterns and the ports of Long Beach and L.A. Read the rest »

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How to Take Effective Traffic Accident Photos

By Joseph Low on May 30, 2022 - Comments off

California Car Accidents – Photo Evidence

The state of California is home to the largest population in the entire country. The highest number of people means that the more drivers there are on the roads the more accidents happen. If you have been in a car accident it is very likely you were injured or were left with damage to your vehicle. An experienced California car accident attorney may be able to help you in the aftermath of a wreck. In order to establish your case, it is helpful to be able to provide any photos you have from the accident. Read the rest »

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