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Four Tips for Safer Bicycling on California Roads

By Joseph Low on February 4, 2014

Long Beach is home to many bicyclists who enjoy riding and take their safety seriously. Whether you’re a long-time bicyclist or are new to the sport, brushing up on your safety and knowledge of California bicycle law can help you ride more safely and avoid an accident.

Next time you set out on your bicycle, keep these four tips in mind:

  • Ride near the right edge of the road, especially if you’re traveling slower than traffic. Move to the left only to pass another bicycle or vehicle or when getting ready to turn left. Never bike on a freeway: it is not only dangerous, but also often illegal. Most California freeways have signs prohibiting bicyclists.
  • Use the bike lane whenever one is available. Leave the bike lane only to pass or avoid parked cars or other obstacles, or to turn left.
  • Never allow someone to ride on the handlebars. Carry a passenger only if the bicycle has a separate seat for the passenger, such as a child seat. While riding, keep at least one hand on the handlebars at all times to keep control of the bike.
  • Give proper hand signals while turning or stopping. Like turn signals and brake lights on a car, these signals tell others on the road what you plan to do. Signaling your intentions can help prevent an accident.

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