Four Ways Your Life Can Change Forever After a Catastrophic Car Accident

By Joseph Low on November 28, 2016 - Comments off

Being involved in a catastrophic car accident can be especially traumatizing for all involved. Whether it is a single-vehicle or a multi-vehicle collision, the effects of these accidents can result in long-term consequences for the injured party. Car accidents can be caused by any number of factors from intoxicated, distracted, or fatigued drivers, to hazardous road conditions. In the event that there is a catastrophic car accident, here are four ways in which the victims’ lives can be dramatically changed.

  1. Injuries: After being in a car accident, victims could be facing years of physical therapy and recovery for the injuries they sustained. If they suffered traumatic brain injuries, severe burns, spinal cord injuries, or even paralysis, they can see their health changed forever. They may need to be in and out of rehabilitation and treatments for these life-long injuries, thereby disrupting their daily lives.
  2. Psychological Effects: It can be mentally scarring being in a car accident of any kind, but one that was especially catastrophic can cause someone to fear driving again. Victims may suffer post-traumatic stress or experience residual effects that could prevent them from wanting to drive again or even be in a vehicle again. Therapy may be required to help them overcome these fears and worries.
  3. Expenses: Medical bills, doctors’ visits, and surgeries can add up quickly, causing financial strain for victims. In the event that your insurance doesn’t cover enough of these expenses, it can become quite difficult for victims to pay for these things.
  4. Legal Issues: Victims could also be facing legal battles in and out of court for years, both with the party at fault and even the insurance companies. These can be lengthy and time consuming, forcing the victims to relive the accident again and again, and not be able to move on and fully heal because they must handle these important legal matters when attempting to obtain compensation for the injuries they suffered.

If you were the victim of a Long Beach car accident that caused catastrophic results and you could be facing any of these four issues after the accident, you don’t have to handle these matters alone. You may be entitled to compensation to help mitigate some of the expenses and damages you received. At The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV we are ready to assist you with your case and help you as you heal from these traumatic events you suffered. Give us a call today toll free at (888) 454-5569.

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