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Party Tips for Super Bowl Sunday

By Joseph Low on January 29, 2014

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Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner, and whether you are rooting for the Seattle Seahawks or the Denver Broncos, it’s bound to be a memorable event. Veteran quarterback Peyton Manning will take on the up-and-comer Russell Wilson, all while competing in one of the most severe winter storms in recent years.

If you are preparing to host your own Super Bowl party, here are a few quick reminders to help make your game day celebration great.

The Joy of Variety: From drinks to appetizers to seating, your guests will appreciate having plenty of options. Depending on the size of the crowd you are expecting, be sure to have a selection of finger foods and snacks to choose from as well as ample seating.

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Avoiding Stress During the Holidays in LA

By Joseph Low on December 6, 2013

an hourglass timer with grains of sand

December 1 marks the final stretch in the holiday rush and it seems as if everyone has a never-ending list of to-dos to complete. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of gift shopping, party planning, decorating, and cooking, all while keeping up with day-to-day errands.  Stress can quickly ruin the holidays and it can be hard to stop and relax when there seem to be so many demands.

In order to help relieve the dizzying holiday pressure, here are a few tips for de-stressing:

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Enjoying Winter in Southern California

By Joseph Low on December 4, 2013

skiers on a California slope

Unlike other parts of the country, southern California eases into winter with shorter days and chilly temperatures, inspiring plenty of comments from outsiders that the sunny state completely misses out on the season altogether.

But California is a diverse state and there is something for everyone, even when it comes to enjoying traditional winter activities.

Hit the Slopes – One of the biggest perks of living in southern California is easy access to local mountains that offer plenty of snow-filled activities. After a day of skiing and snowboarding, there’s something refreshing about returning to warmer temperatures near the beach.

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