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The Impact of Wind Turbulence on Big-Rig Truck Stability

By Joseph Low on August 20, 2023

Semi truck speeding in front of Wind turbines

Bad weather, particularly high-speed winds, could have a major impact on big-rig truck stability and can be a factor in deadly truck accidents. Truck trailers have a massive surface area and a high center of gravity, making them prone to swaying and losing balance. When this happens, the driver could have trouble steering and ultimately lose control of the truck, creating a dangerous situation. If you suffered injuries in a truck accident, an experienced Long Beach personal injury attorney could help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

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Why Do So-Called “Wrong Way” Car Accidents Ever Occur?

By Joseph Low on August 10, 2023

DO NOT ENTER, WRONG WAY Warning Sign at the Exit of Interstate

Wrong-way accidents are some of the most catastrophic collisions on the road, often leading to terrible or fatal injuries. These crashes are typically caused by negligent driving, whether driver intoxication, driver error, or distraction.

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Understanding Crosswalk Laws and Pedestrian Right-of-Way

By Joseph Low on July 30, 2023

Shot of pretty young woman crossing the street while listen to music with the wireless earphones.

Pedestrians are vulnerable due to their lack of protection as they cross the road, which is why these types of accidents often lead to life-altering injuries. Both motorists and pedestrians alike need to understand crosswalk laws and pedestrian rights-of-way to try to prevent pedestrian accidents from occurring. If you sustained injuries caused by a negligent driver, they could be held liable for your losses and suffering.

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The Role of Poor Truck Maintenance in Accident Causation

By Joseph Low on July 15, 2023

A man inspecting a heavy truck

Although they are less common than many other motor vehicle accidents, truck accidents cause thousands of catastrophic or fatal injuries yearly. Several elements often play a role in these devastating incidents, including truck maintenance failures.

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How Electric Vehicles Threaten Buildings and Structures

By Joseph Low on June 30, 2023

Electric car charging.

Electric vehicles have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in California, which sells more electric cars than any other state. Although poised for even more growth, these vehicles pose a danger to structures. Spontaneous fires occur while these vehicles are parked or charging. Adding to the risk, the fires caused by electric vehicles burn hotter and are more challenging to put out than those caused by conventional vehicles. They also burn faster, and fire departments may not be prepared to extinguish them.

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What Are Phantom Vehicles and Why Are They Common?

By Joseph Low on June 15, 2023

White tesla driving at dusk with its headlights off.

When a car is on the road with headlights and taillights off, it is called a “phantom vehicle.” Drivers do not always realize they are driving with their headlights off or the dangers they pose to others. It is essential to turn on your headlights when driving at night. The likelihood of an accident increases from dusk to dawn, and turning on your headlights could help reduce those chances.

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Independence Day Injury Risks and Safety Tips

By Joseph Low on May 30, 2023

Young girl in a had waves an American flag at a independence day celebration.

Celebrating our country’s independence on the Fourth of July is part of being an American. This holiday is filled with fireworks, backyard barbecues, pool parties, and family and friends celebrating together. Many enjoy Independence Day on the water, with boating, swimming, and water sports.

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Using Dashcams in California Injury Cases

By Joseph Low on May 15, 2023

Digital video recorder car camera for safety on the road accident, Technology recorder device capturing video of front of vehicle automobile crash safety proof evidence.

Dashcam is short for “dashboard camera.” A digital video recorder mounted on your vehicle’s dashboard can act as a silent witness in an accident. These cameras are designed to record what occurs on the road accurately. Dashcams became legal in California in 2011. Courts accept dashcam footage as evidence in legal matters, including injury claims.

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What If My Case Goes to Trial?

By Joseph Low on April 30, 2023

faceless judge signing a paper behind a gavel

Most of us hope to never have to file a lawsuit. Unfortunately, for those who have been injured in accidents caused by negligent or reckless individuals, filing a personal injury lawsuit is necessary. Although many of these cases settle out of court, a small percentage of them go to trial. It is crucial that you understand the process, so you are prepared if your case ends up having to be tried in court before a judge and a jury.

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How Injuries Can Lead to Expressive Aphasia

By Joseph Low on April 15, 2023

blonde man sitting confused rubbing his temples

Brain injuries are incredibly severe and could result in a number of chronic conditions that could affect the ability to live the life you once enjoyed. One condition that could potentially develop due to a brain injury is expressive aphasia. Those with expressive aphasia may have difficulty communicating, problems understanding words or sentences, and are unable to use or comprehend proper grammar. If your condition is particularly extensive, you may need speech therapy or other forms of treatment to address it.

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