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Reduce Risks on the Road by Preventing Vehicle Fires

By Joseph Low on October 3, 2013

When it comes to vehicle safety, the emphasis tends to be on safe driving and avoiding collisions; however, the risk of fire is another major concern for Los Angeles County motorists. Most vehicles on the road carry a variety of flammable liquids and materials, which can be ignited by an auto part defect, collision, or some form of mechanical failure.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, the majority of vehicle deaths are caused by fires following an auto accident, and 45% of people injured by vehicle fires were attempting to control the blaze.

In order to prevent injury or worse due to a vehicle fire, remember the following tips:

Drive carefully. Reckless driving is dangerous for a number of reasons, including the risk of a vehicle fire. Always drive safely and follow the rules of the road.

Conduct regular maintenance. Vehicles that are serviced regularly by professional mechanics are less likely to have a fire caused by mechanical errors or cracked fuel lines.

Be prepared with fire safety gear. Keep a fire extinguisher adapted for vehicle use in the trunk and only use it for small, smoldering fires.

Be clutter-free. Paper and unnecessary items can help a vehicle fire spread and even hinder occupants trying to leave the vehicle in an emergency.

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