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Santa Monica Man Arrested in Connection with 8 Burglaries

By Joseph Low on April 8, 2013

enhanced photo of silver handcuffs

Officers from the Santa Monica Police Department recently arrested a 22-year-old homeless man in connection with an alleged burglary spree. As reported by The Santa Monica Mirror, the man was arrested for the burglary of eight vehicles in the North of Montana neighborhood in Santa Monica.

Reports indicate that a resident witnessed a car burglary in progress in the early morning and called police, providing a description of the suspect. While talking to police, the suspect was allegedly seen trying to break into another vehicle.

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AB 109 to Blame for 2012 Long Beach Property Crime Rate Jump?

By Joseph Low on January 25, 2013

According to the Long Beach Press-Telegram, the number of property crimes soared in 2012 as the result of Assembly Bill (AB) 109, which allowed for the early release of non-violent inmates. Many Long Beach police officers consider the bill a prominent factor in the spike of property crimes.

Law enforcement concedes that a number of factors may have contributed to the large increase in property crime offenses, including the area’s still struggling economy, but maintains that the thousands of inmates released before their sentences were complete is a main factor.

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