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Tips for Protecting Your Home from Wildfires

By Joseph Low on May 20, 2013

a house engulfed in flames

According to the California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection (CAL FIRE), California has experienced at least 680 wildfires during the first few months of 2013 alone. This increase of 200 fires compared to last year is caused by a lack of rainfall statewide.

Wildfires can cause wide-reaching devastation, forcing thousands of families from their homes and destroying millions of dollars worth of property. In an effort to reduce the threat of wildfires and the massive destruction they can cause, CAL FIRE has issued the following safety precautions to help protect homes from fire:

  • Create a defensible space – Remove dead vegetation, such as plants, grass, or dry leaves within 30 feet around your home, other structures, and decks.
  • Separate trees and vegetation by at least 10 feet by trimming and pruning the branches.
  • Choose fire resistant materials for the roof of your home, including metal or tile.
  • Install dual-paned windows with tempered glass to reduce chance of breaking from extreme heat.
  • Cover all vents with metal mesh to reduce chance of flying embers entering the home.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher, shovel, and bucket in your garage for fire emergencies.

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