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What Dangers Do Bicyclists Face on Long Beach Roads?

By Joseph Low on March 11, 2013

In order to stay safe wherever they go, Long Beach bicyclists should consistently stay aware of their surroundings and what dangers are currently around them or can potentially occur. Even a minor accident can cause long lasting injuries that keep a rider off the roads for an extended period of time.

At The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV, we are dedicated to keeping cyclists safe, both in court and on the roads. Keep these potential dangers in mind the next time you are out in order to prevent and lessen any possible accidents that may occur.

  • Sidewalk Hazards: Some may think that riding on the sidewalk will keep them safer, rather than in the road with vehicles. However, this actually makes you less likely to be seen, which can cause a car-bicycle collision when you must cross the street at intersections.
  • Cars in Driveways: Vehicles backing up may not be able to see passing bicyclists due to their small size and fast speed. This can lead to them colliding with a passing bike or suddenly jutting out in front of a cyclist.
  • Driver’s Blind Spots: When riding in the street, stay out of the blind spots of a driver, as this can cause a driver to turn or veer into you unexpectedly. Blind spots are located by the sides of the vehicle out of range of the mirrors.
  • Broken Pavement: Used and damaged roads can contain cracks and breaks, especially those with heavy traffic and semi trucks. Unknowing cyclists can hit these and be thrown from their bikes.
  • Slick Roadways: Rain and spills can make the roads slick, leading to a loss of traction for a bicycle. Oil from passing vehicles is even more slippery than water and is especially present at the start of a rain.
  • Darkness: Riding in the dark prevents passing motorists from being able to see you. Having lights attached to your bike as well as reflective tape on your clothing will increase visibility.

Unfortunately, even the safest bicyclist can be injured by a reckless party. If you have suffered such an accident, get in touch with Long Beach bicycle accident injury attorney Joseph H. Low IV at (888) 454-5569. You have the right to hold at-fault parties responsible for their actions and receive compensation for the physical and financial losses you have suffered.

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