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What to Expect in a Military Domestic Violence Case

By Joseph Low on June 12, 2013

Domestic violence charges can have serious consequences, especially for members of the United States armed forces. According to an analyst at the Defense Department’s Family Advocacy Program (FAP), it is difficult to confirm the prevalence of family violence across the military because, often times, victims are reluctant to come forward for fear of ruining the spouse’s military career. Unlike civilian cases of domestic abuse, the military justice system can administer disciplinary actions, such as confinement, docked pay, loss of rank, and even dishonorable discharge.

If the alleged abuse happens on base, the investigation will be handled by the military police as well as the Family Advocacy Program. In many cases, the accused is prohibited from having contact with the alleged victim until the investigation is complete. The case is then decided by a multidisciplinary case review committee, consisting of members of the Family Advocacy Program, military law enforcement, a staff judge advocate, medical staff, and chaplain.

Based on evidence, the committee will determine whether the case is one of the following:

Substantiated: The investigation and available information indicates that domestic violence has occurred.

Suspected: The case requires further investigation that may not exceed twelve weeks.

Unsubstantiated: There is insufficient evidence to support claims of domestic violence.

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