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Which Type of Forward-Facing Car Seat is Best for Our Family?

By Joseph Low on September 8, 2014

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Infants grow quickly – too quickly for the tastes of most California parents!  When a child outgrows a rear-facing infant car seat, parents find themselves confronted with a vast array of forward-facing car seat options.  Which should you choose?  The answer depends not only on your child’s needs, but also on the needs of your family.

Here is an overview of forward-facing car seat types and the reasons a family might choose each one, courtesy of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and your experienced California car accident attorney:


A “convertible” seat can be used in either the rear-facing or forward-facing position.  They are heavier than infant rear-facing-only seats, but lighter and easier to move in and out of the vehicle than a 3-in-1 seat.  If the child has outgrown an infant seat but still fits the rear-facing height and weight limits in a convertible seat, this seat may be a good choice.


A 3-in-1 or “all in one” seat can be used in the rear, front, or booster seat positions.  Their versatility makes them popular among parents who want to buy only one car seat per child.  However, they are the heaviest car seats available and can be tough to wrangle in and out of vehicles.  They may be the best choice if you can install them correctly in a car and leave them for the entire time the child needs them.


A “combination” seat offers both forward-facing and booster-seat options.  If your child has outgrown even the largest rear-facing seats, a combination seat may be the right choice.

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