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Are You Entitled To Compensation For Your Bike Crash?

The many challenges that an injured bicyclist faces after an accident is enough to discourage even the most positive thinking person. However, there may be a solution to help you recover money to pay for medical care and treatment. Long Beach personal injury atttorney and cyclist Joseph H. Low IV never gives up and certainly won't let his clients quit when times get tough. Mr. Low is dedicated to helping injured bicyclists get compensation for damages associated with their accident. Call (888) 454-5569 for a free consultation to learn more about protecting your rights and getting the justice that you deserve.

An Attorney Who Rides

As a lawyer who has participated in Ride 2 Recovery multiple times, Mr. Low has experienced the camaraderie, perseverance, and honor of riding hundreds of miles with disabled Veterans. As a bicyclist himself and a former Marine, Mr. Low provides his personal injury clients with unparalleled insight and loyalty. He lives and breathes the challenges of a cyclist and knows the importance of preserving justice within civil law.

Joseph Low participating in Ride 2 Recovery

Seen here helping a wounded veteran at Ride 2 Recovery, Mr. Low understands the dedication of both riders and those who've served. He brings tenacity to each case and a will to help those who need it.

Shining Light On Your Future

It's expected that an injured bicyclist will feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and even angry after his or her accident. But this doesn't mean that you can't get through this difficult chapter in your life. In working to build an effective personal injury case for your bicycle accident, Mr. Low may consult with medical experts as well as those in charge of organizing thorough accident reconstruction evidence. By spending time with his clients and fully understanding how their serious injury has affected and may continue to affect his or her life, Mr. Low is better able to convey a convincing argument for an effective case.

Legal action isn't about revenge. It's about getting you the compensation that you deserve.

If you believe that your bike crash was caused by a negligent driver, a defective bike part, or a dangerous roadway, you may have a legitimate claim or lawsuit. Finding out as much as possible about your legal rights and options will help you in making an informed decision as to whether you'd like to pursue holding the responsible parties legally accountable.

Common Injuries from Bicycle Accidents

Brain Damage

Traumatic brain injuries can have a profoundly negative impact on a person's functioning, physical health, and quality of life. Unfortunately, brain injuries are often documented in serious accidents involving bicyclists. These injuries are often the result of blunt trauma to the head and frequently occur when the bicyclist is not wearing a helmet or is thrown from the bike. A person suffering from a brain injury may experience the following issues later on.

Persons recovering from brain injuries are often faced with mountains of medical bills, and many will need multiple surgeries and physical therapies for the rest of their lives.

Broken and Fractured Bones

Broken and fractured bones are common in bicycle accident victims. These injuries usually heal in time, but depending on severity, a victim may need extensive physical therapy and orthopedic treatments to recover. Bone fractures in the leg, clavicle, elbows, and hands are the most common, and they usually occur when a victim is thrown from their bike. Broken and fractured bones can also lower a person's quality of life, and leave them with impaired mobility and physical functioning.

Dental and Jaw Trauma

Bicyclists frequently sustain dental injuries and injuries to the jaw when they are struck by a moving vehicle. Chipped and broken teeth, damaged jaw bones and muscles, and other issues requiring frequent visits to a dentist or oral surgeon are often reported. A bicyclist has an increased risk of sustaining dental and jaw injuries if they do not wear a mouth guard or helmet. Visits to oral surgeons and dental specialists can easily cost more than $10,000 over time. Some dental and jaw injuries can also permanently alter a victim's physical appearance.


When a bicyclist sustains severe, irreversible damage to the brain or spinal cord, the chances of paralysis can increase significantly. Paralysis, or a loss of movement in the body, is one of the most life-altering, devastating medical conditions a human can endure. It is usually permanent, and if often results in the victim having to abandon their previous life altogether. Paralysis is also expensive since victims must face the prospect of hiring caretakers or residing in special medical facilities for the rest of their lives.

Nerve Damage

A torn or pinched nerve can lead to a lifetime of pain and mobility loss for a bicyclist. Depending on where the nerve damage occurs, permanent pain can become a part of everyday life. Nerve damage is relatively common in patients involved in traumatic accidents, and visits to neurologists, physical therapists, spinal surgeons, and other specialists may be needed. Patients suffering from severe nerve damage may be unable to return to work or fully participate in life again. Often, patients must suffer from chronic pain if surgeries and medications fail to remedy the problem.

Head and Neck Injuries

When a bicyclist sustains an injury to the head or neck, he or she will face the following prospects:

If a bicyclist is thrown from the bike, the chance of sustaining a severe head or neck injury skyrockets. Trauma to the head can also lead to hemorrhaging in the brain or skull, which can be lethal if not treated immediately. When blood pools in the skull, the brain is deprived of oxygen. This loss of oxygen can impact a victim's physical and mental functioning if the hemorrhaging is not stopped immediately. Cranial hemorrhages also have a high mortality rate compared to other injuries.

Why Seek Legal Help?

Legal action isn't about revenge. It's about getting you the compensation that you deserve for lost wages and benefits, hospital fees, surgery costs, physical therapy expenses, the cost of medication, pain and suffering, and other economic and non-economic damages. Insurance companies often offer injured claimants a much lower settlement than he or she may be entitled to. However, when you have a Long Beach injury lawyer to vouch for you, you may be better prepared to dodge or combat the deceptive practices of the insurance companies so that you receive full and just compensation.

The financial, emotional, and physical burdens imposed upon an injured cyclist often exceed the months or even years following an accident. In the most serious of cases, an individual may have to cope with an entirely different way of living and quality of life due to a disability or catastrophic injury. Compensation from a claim or lawsuit is intended to help a person receive closure, help prevent negligent parties from striking again in the future, and cover expenses related to the injury.

For more information on how to protect your wellbeing and future, get in touch with a Long Beach bike accident attorney at The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV by calling (888) 454-5569 or filling out an online contact form.

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