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We were recommended to Joe by a friend. After we started working with him, it became very clear just how impressive his track record was, especially with the Marine Corps. Since my husband is a Marine; Joe was the perfect fit. My husband was arrested and charged with two felonies. Several months of pre trials and some hard work – especially to his legal team for always answering emails promptly and keeping us informed, this all led to the complete dismissal of all charges. It was a huge relief to my husband and me. If it wasn’t for Joe and the work he did, my husband could have lost his military career and everything he worked to build. My husband kept his rank of Sergeant, his leadership position in his platoon and maintained his reputation among his fellow marines. No amount of money could have brought us this huge sense of relief. To Joe we are forever grateful for his work and appreciative of everything he has done and given back to us.
– Sgt. J.O.

Words cannot describe my thanks to you concerning the outcome of my case. I was wrongfully accused by a Superior Commissioned Field Grade Officer and over charged by my chain of command. When I sought your guidance and presented you the evidence, your view of my situation put me at ease. You assisted me in building an offensive punitive package against the same accusing officer, which made him think twice and weigh the consequences of his own actions in regards to the future of his professional career. I was facing career ending Battalion level Non-Judicial Punishment. After hearing your opinion detailing the specifics of my case, I respectfully requested a trial by Courts-Martial. Moreover, I informed my chain of command exactly who would be representing my in said trial. Your reputation speaks volumes. My command dropped all charges and I received nothing punitive or adverse.

Joe, I appreciate everything you did for me on such short notice and in the dark hours of the night. You have an excellent work ethic and are one who is truly dedicated to the mission of making sure justice is observed and people like me remain innocent until PROVEN guilty. You are a great lawyer, and even more so…a Patriot.
Thank You,

Hello, this is R.D. You defended me in Okinawa, where I was guilty until proven innocent. The nature of the trial made me not want to think about, which is why I have been slow in thanking you. I was told my cause was lost when my brother retained your services for me. You changed the nature of the trial. From a rubber stamping me into Leavenworth to all charges dropped except going off base without permission, which is fine because I did that. You took the same information and testimony that was going to be used to imprison me unjustly, and you attacked the hypocrisy and complacency ferociously. You saved my life. I have a wonderful wife and child now, with another on the way. That would not have happened without your bad ass intervention. My sincerest thanks to you and your team.
Thank you Joe .

Dear Joe,
Thank you so much for your kind and gracious words. Your letter was a spirit-lifting message. Likewise, working with you was a gift. It is difficult for others to comprehend the impact and pain one experiences when faced with such life threatening circumstances. I, as a physician, know that there is a limit to the proximity one can have with someone who is suffering, but I always felt that you demonstrated ample empathy and willingness to fight the cancer that had invaded my life. You opened up a can of whoop-ass and beat the disease.

If anyone ever wonders if they should hire you as their lead attorney, we await their phone call.

With much love and respect,
W.E and J.E

Dear Joseph Low,
The following letter has been written over several months and in several phases, each consumed by deep gratitude and great waves of tears. Side step the sappy stuff; it’s a mother’s letter written to a man who rescued her son. You didn’t rescue him physically; you rescued him from a military justice system without insight, without any direction except to save itself from the chance of becoming politically incorrect.

You called last year informing us to brace ourselves for what could be a long and drawn out court battle with great financial consequences. While I still know little of the firefight that caused all this trouble, I instinctively felt something was seriously wrong with the way the Marines were approaching the incident. At once, they declared him a hero, then cried foul. They wanted him to confess to offenses he never committed. A psychologically compromised “whistle blower,” well known for his lies and exaggerations, became more trusted than a seasoned Marine. Awaiting your call, I expected a dry, uninvolved individual, what I considered typical of lawyers. Your passion surprised me, thrilled me. As a nurse I know I always work better inspired; it’s as though God himself guides your efforts. My prayers echoed this theme: “Help Josh choose wisely, help him be strong, confound those seeking him harm.” God seemed to choose you over the rest as a trusted agent to defend him. Your efforts whittled the charges.

The more I investigated, the more interesting you became. You had been a Marine yourself, then a master’s trained biochemist. You switched careers becoming a lawyer…a very good lawyer. Your brain seemed to be similar to a Renaissance thinker. You could have chosen high profile, high money cases. Instead you chose to defend otherwise defenseless Marines where rookie military lawyers would attempt to defend them against a military court less prone to seek justice than appease some unrealistic political agenda or protect someone’s ego. Josh often heard, “just cooperate,” guidance. You gave him wise counsel, and bolstered him so he didn’t feel like a criminal but rather a victim; a victim of a frequently misguided, woefully unprepared military jurisprudence.

The grueling hours of trial, some ten to twelve hours each day meant you spent perhaps hundreds of hours in preparation. You systematically slashed the prosecution, dissolved their efforts, left them impotent. Their star witness proved to be a sham, psychiatrically disabled. Josh’s wife left the first couple days of trial bewildered as to why there was a trial in the first place. I understand the prosecuting attorneys took notes on your technique. Impressive. It is one thing to win decisively, another to win admirably.
What great relief there was knowing how powerfully Josh was defended by you…redeemed, unscathed, reputation intact. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It didn’t stop there. There was the kindness shown him later. You gave him an almost complete waiver of charges, and a fine dinner. You said it was a privilege defending him, you restored him like a father would, like someone who actually cared about him. Your efforts are inspired. You don’t waste your talents. You use your intellect with passion and defend your clients with masterful precision like an artist wields a brush on a canvas.

Thank you, may God bless you richly, may your passion never waiver. May your art excel. May God bless your every effort. Please know we are at your service in whatever capacity we can possibly reciprocate your kindness.
 A grateful parent

2011 began with me in an intense fight in Afghanistan ending in 2012 with a court fight alongside Joe Low. That year and a half involved life changing and life threatening circumstances where everyone dropped me like a bad habit. Joe Low stepped in and filled the void. My command and peers, without ever experiencing any combat errantly made sweeping judgments about my behavior during an intense combat situation. I soon realized, after I got bounced around from base to base with no one wanting to talk to me or affiliate with me, that I needed help outside of the Marine Corps. I researched and talked to at least a dozen lawyers about my situation. Each seemed financially motivated, distant, unconcerned. There was however, one lawyer who seemed to surface time and again as a lawyer who successfully defended the little guy in a military court…

Mr. Low is, without a doubt, one of the great trial lawyers in America. His dedication to his client, his insights into the law and his creative approach to trials are gifts that rarely congregate in the same lawyer.
-Gerry Spence, Attorney, Author, founder of Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College

Mr. Low is an amazing, outstanding attorney absolutely committed to winning your case. I had a 3rd offense DUI and Mr. Low argued it for 3 years! I never did a day in jail or home incarceration, no ankle bracket or program! I paid my fine and walked away. The judge himself said “in all my 14 years experience, I have never seen a deal this good and Mr. Low you’re asking for something better!?” and hey, a week later I walked away. There is no one better out there than Mr. Low; I would recommend him to anyone for anything.
-Sgt R G

I was in a very intense battle for my life because of some major charges that were brought up against me. If convicted, I would have spent the rest of my life in Prison. Joe was there with me every step of the way. When the government was trying to make me their play toy, I had Joe (a man that didn’t know me from Adam) stand up for me. If you didn’t know any better you would have thought Joe was the one on trial, that was how much I really meant to him. I saw that I was not just another guy that came to his office for something; Joe was willing to put everything on the line for what I believed in. I told Joe how I felt about everything that was going on, and he made sure to tell the prosecution and that judge how I was feeling when other people could not have. Even when the judge (or judges in my case) would yell and scream at Joe, he would still make sure that my point and feelings were heard. That meant a lot to me.

I trusted Joe with my life just like he trusted me with his. During my case, we went to Fallujah, Iraq where this incident happened. Let me stop right there, HE DIDN’T HAVE TO DO THAT AT ALL, but Joe is the type of man that will do everything he can to make sure that you have a fair trial and I love him for that. We went to Fallujah to gather facts for my defense and he trusted me to bring him home, which meant a lot to me because, like I said, he did not have to do that.

During my case, I refused to testify against my brother marines, which in turn resulted in me going to 2 jail facilities for a short amount of time. Joe would always come and visit me and would always make sure I was in the loop with everything that was going on. He made me feel like he really cared. I remember he even came in civilian attire, (not the suit and tie you would think a lawyer would wear) to come and see me. That made me feel good!
Having a family of his own and knowing this case might take a very long time to finish (which it did), Joe still took my case. He took a lot of time away from his family and any free time he could have had to himself, he invested it in me and my case. I know Joe is a lawyer, but I don’t see him that way. He is the best friend that I have been asking to come into my life for years. I will give my life for Joe because I know he would do the same for me. Words cannot express how much Joe and his team has done for me. If it wasn’t for them, I would not be able to write this. Joe and his team will always be apart of my family. I love you guys.
– J.N.

“Joseph, Thank you for your assistance. Your understanding compassion & incredible expertise are admired & appreciated. I will be referring any of my clients who require legal help to you.”
– M.D.

“The end result is that Mr. Low worked to find a solution to which all parties could be satisfied. I am grateful to Mr. Low and his staff for helping me through this very difficult year. Mr Low was my attorney, my representative, and my support person. Now, I consider Mr. Low my friend. Thank you Mr. Low & Staff.”
– Client S of Orange County

“I want to take this opportunity to again thank you for saving me from a bad situation. You worked your magic again.”
– T. G.,Client

“I would like to thank Joseph H. Low for helping me and my family through a very rough and unexpected time. He has taken the time and dedication with my case, when other lawyers wouldn’t even return my calls. It’s not easy to find a loyal attorney. I was beginning to lose all hope . . . But my family and I are very grateful that we found Joseph H. Low. He and his staff have been very helpful. Joseph H. Low has helped us figure out all of the letters and bills we received and has been very informative, and most of all he’s able to be reached when needed. They don’t call him the “Bull Dog” for nothing.”
– J. M., Client

“The Rivera Family would like to offer you our sincere gratitude and appreciation in your role as the family attorney in our wrongful death lawsuit. This tragedy fallen upon us was an utmost dire challenge and emotionally draining dilemma for the Rivera family. Joseph, through your untiring efforts and expertise you created a rose blossom from a dreadful and uncertain environment. Our mother Ofelia’s favorite flower was this rose that I speak of, so in essence as we see it, her last gesture of departure through this eternal interpreted symbolism represents a soft, calm, beautiful loving aura feeling that only a mother could give. Through the diligent and reputable work of your law firm the Rivera family finally received justice, closure and peace of mind for an unforgettable mother that will forever live in our hearts. Thank you very much Joseph.”
– Rivera Family, Former Clients

“I’m very impressed with the way Joseph Low handled my case. I had been pushed and shoved by unscrupulous attorneys for almost 5 years and was getting nowhere with my personal injury claim until I retained Joseph. He did more for me in 20 hours than other attorneys had done in years.

He truly is one of a kind, and even though I will always basically mistrust lawyers I have now met one who is honest and really cares. I tell people that there will be a “special” line for attorneys come Judgment Day and I know Joseph will not be in that line! I absolutely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a brilliant lawyer who values his clients more than his bank account.
– S. R., Former Client

“Joe took my case because he knew in his heart that my family needed to receive a moral victory over the medical establishment. The odds were extremely long right from the start and my family knew it, but having the chance to make the “doctor” account for his actions in a court of law gave us peace of mind and allowed us to move forward. My relationship with Joe was a bonding experience right from the start and when it was all said and done, he was no longer an attorney, he was a brother. I recommend him without hesitation.”
– John D., Former Client

“My other attorney worked on my case for 6 months and got nowhere. Mr. Low got my case resolved in one week with an incredible result. If you want it done right and you want it done now call Joe because he doesn’t mess around.”
– K.C., Former Client

“I believe you will not find a more thorough lawyer than Mr. Low. He gets to the bottom of the case and produces results. His office staff was responsive and kept me up to date on all matters pertaining to my case. No stone was left unturned! I would be happy to personally recommend Mr. Low.”

Case was rejected by 3 other attorneys. Mr. Low settled the case after 3 months for $100,000.00.

“We really enjoyed meeting Mr. Low. He is a wonderful person, so intuitive and caring. I feel very confident under his representation. Thank you.”
– M. C., Former Client

I cannot give enough praise or recommendation for Joseph Low. I am an active-duty Marine Gunnery Sergeant, and received a DUI in town along with some other charges. He immediately reassured me that he would fight hard for my case in town, but also warned me of the wrath that would soon be coming from the military. He was right, the military threatened and proceeded with a court martial, because of Mr. Low and his reputation they immediately dropped the court martial when they found out who I retained as an attorney. Next they tried a competency review board, with one day notice of the proceedings Mr. Low changed all plans so he could be there and represent me. I am still a Gunnery Sergeant today because of Mr. Low. As far as my case in town all charges, but 1 were dismissed, and I never stepped one foot into a court room. If you are in the military and face charges, retain him, do exactly what he says, and don’t trust your command. Retaining Mr. Low is the fastest way to gain back your peace of mind after and during a legal ordeal.
– Former Client Gunnery Sergeant D.B. II

Thank you so much for everything you have done for my family, you will never be forgotten. I never thought I would meet an attorney I would like, less admire. Yet here I am a true admirer of your character and your knowledge. You truly are “the people’s attorney”. Thank you again.
– Former Client

I honestly thought this kind of thing only happened on TV. Joseph Low not only got the prosecutor’s main witness to admit he lied in his testimony, but also to admit that he lied to the police to try to pin the blame on me because he was afraid that he was going to be charged with a crime. He literally broke down and confessed right there in court on the stand. Perry Mason couldn’t have done better.
– TF

Joseph’s cross was right out of a movie. It was brilliant and surreal.
– Former Client

I want to express my gratitude to you for bringing this nightmare of mine to a satisfactory conclusion.
When I first came into your office over a year ago, and asked you for your help I was in disbelief about everything that was going on with my personal life and my military career. I can’t thank you enough for your personal and emotional support and encouragement through that difficult time in my life. Your staff is top notch and I owe them a great deal of thanks as well.
When my command told me that my charges were being referred to a general court-martial, I lost a lot of faith in the fact that I would ever see this come to a satisfactory conclusion. I have no doubt that without your help I would not have received the same outcome utilizing my detailed jag officer. Your court room finesse and tactics are top notch.

Thank you again for helping me, without your help I would not have the opportunities that I have today with my new life.
E. C.
“Joseph was suggested to me personally by two former clients of his, which also happened to be close friends of mine who were also charged with DUI charges. Mr. Low was able to get both of their cases dismissed and they assured me that Mr. Low would get me the results I wanted. Mr. Low was able to relieve the stress from both my military life and life in the state of California by having my charges dismissed. As an active duty recon marine and currently training to deploy soon, I trusted Joseph’s integrity, strong word, and great judgment and I know he worked as hard on my case as we marines train for combat. Mr. Low, the paddle you proudly hold in your hands in one of great tradition and I am honored to see a man who deserves it.”
– S.S., San Clemente, CA

“To Mr. Low &Staff
I would like to thank each and every single one of Mr. Low’s staff for the outstanding work you accomplished while I was your client. Your long hours and persistent work is a hard quality to find these days and you will never know how much it has meant to my family and I. From day one I had the utter most confidence in every one of you. No matter where you were or what time it was you all would take the time to answer any questions that I might have. I will always be appreciative and grateful for everything you have done. Thank you!”– J.H

“Mr. Low I know that a DUI charge is small potatoes considering the fact that daily you fight for the freedom of the Americans who are innocent or who made a mistake. Being a Recon Marine, I know what it is like to have a thankless job. But your deeds of selflessness have not gone unseen to my and my comrades.

At the beginning of my ordeal it seemed like my command and the State of California had by back against the wall and I had no back-up. It felt as if I were going into battle alone and without a weapon. But as soon as I retained you, you stood up for me and put 110% effort into my case and defense. I feel honored having done battle by your side. And it will be an honor to keep you as a life long friend.”
– D.V., Former Client

August 29, 2006
Dear Joseph,
I wanted to take the time to thank you and your office for all your hard work and consideration in regards to my case. When I found myself in this situation I was feeling scared, ashamed and incredibly guilty. After talking with you on our first meeting I felt very confident that you were going to take care of me in this situation. The kind and uplifting words that you shared with me that day prepared me to get through this case, but more importantly they helped me to move on with my life, despite the outcome.

I don’t think that you will ever fully know how much you have changed my life by getting me out of this jam, and I don’t think that there is a way that I can thank you enough. I appreciate all your hard work and will recommend you to anyone that I believe is in a legal situation that they did not deserve to be in.

Thank you, as well to your staff for their patience with me. They always took the time to answer all the questions I had along the way. You have a very hard working team and I know there were some times that I may have been less than the perfect client.

The long story short is that you kept me out of trouble and the words that you shared with me will remain with me for the rest of my life. My life has taken a 180-degree turn for the better and I owe a part of it to you. Thank you for helping me keep my life, and more importantly, appreciate it.

You have done more, far more, for me than you will ever know.
All the best,
– E. H.

“Choosing Joseph H Low and his legal team was one of the best decisions I have ever made! It dramatically changed my life for the better. Not only did he provide superb legal services, but equally important, he provided them with compassion and understanding, at a time when I was facing a serious charge. Thanks to Joseph and his team’s diligence and endless hours of preparation, my case had an incredible outcome. In court on the day of the scheduled trial, but before the trial had actually begun, the Deputy District Attorney informed the Judge that her office was dismissing all charges against me! I recommend, without reservation, to anyone in need of an attorney (including those who have a difficult case that seems unsolvable) to contact Joseph H. Low for a consultation. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Muchísimas gracias, Joseph!”
– Judith Lopez, Orange County CA

“I love Joey. He is Superman. I was facing “three strikes” – 25 years to life in prison. Joey came to visit me in jail and spent several hours talking to me and counseling me, not only about my legal situation, but also about me, my life, and my life choices. He did this because he genuinely cared about me. He never pressed me to retain him as my attorney and, in fact, recommended that I take my time and make sure I was comfortable with him before I made such an important decision. I made the right decision! I won and, for as long as I breathe, I will be grateful to him for saving my life.”

– D. V., Former Client

“He’s a great guy and his biggest asset is his intelligence. He uses logic and deductive reasoning. He put my defense together like a puzzle even though I didn’t remember what happened. He is definitely a 10 – I love him! He has a personality that makes you feel comfortable and he fits the bill emotionally, psychologically and physically. He does it all for you and is highly confident.”
– D. T., Former and Current Client

“I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am for all you have done for me. My family, friends and children all extend their heartfelt thanks. You have given me my life back, something many people would not think I deserved another chance at. I will not let you or my loved ones down. Thank you so much for caring and being there. You are a brilliant attorney and have restored my faith in the profession.”
– Monica, Former Client

“I am very satisfied with my representation. I am a very demanding person. It comes from owning a company with over 200 people. I demand 110%, and I feel like I have gotten 110% from Joseph.” Charge: .15 D.U.I. with accident. Result: Dismissal.
– Former Client

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