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Lawyer: Girlfriend of Jackson Doc Ends Testimony

Lawyer says girlfriend of Michael Jackson's doctor finishes testifying to LA grand jury

The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES September 24, 2009 (AP) -- The girlfriend of Michael Jackson's personal physician finished giving testimony before a grand jury in Los Angeles on Thursday, her lawyer said.

Joseph H. Low, the lawyer for Nicole Alvarez, said his client began testifying on Wednesday.

By law, he was not allowed to discuss what Alvarez was asked but said she had been cooperative in providing a statement.

Alvarez is the girlfriend of Dr. Conrad Murray, who is the subject of an investigation into Jackson's June 25 death, which has been classified as a homicide.

Murray told police he gave the pop superstar the powerful anesthetic propofol and other drugs in the hours before Jackson's death, court records state.

Murray's attorney has said the doctor didn't give Jackson anything that should have killed him.

Police searched the apartment of Alvarez last month, but Low said his client did not want to talk to investigators without a lawyer present. It took until this week for a spot to open up on the grand jury schedule.

"The grand jury is a tool that a very professional and thorough prosecutor will use to conduct an investigation, and that's what was done here," Low said. "We willingly participated in that."

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