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Joseph H. Low IV

Joseph H. Low IV has become known as the man behind the victories, the master storyteller, the warrior and the trial attorney who wins. As a former US Marine, Joseph Low knows what it takes to train, prepare, fight and lead teams to victory.

Why Choose Joseph Low?

“Mr. Low is, without a doubt, one of the GREAT TRIAL LAWYERS IN AMERICA. His dedication to his client, his insights into the law and his creative approach to trials are gifts that rarely congregate in the same lawyer.” – Gerry Spence
Gerry Spence

Gerry Spence is one of the nation’s most accomplished and famous trial lawyers and author of the bestseller, How to Argue and Win Every Time.


Joseph Low has an insatiable appetite for defending the defenseless and leading them to victory no matter the Goliath before him. From the highest courts in the land at the US Supreme Court, to State, Civil, Criminal and Military Courts, Joseph Low has the proven track record in victories of freedom and financial reward.

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Trial Lawyer

Joseph H. Low has dedicated his life to fighting for our rights as citizens against the oppression of insurance companies, corporations, city, state and federal governments and public organizations such as the police, sheriff and city hall.

What clients say about working with Joseph.

"Thank you so much for everything you have done for my family, you will never be forgotten. I never thought I would meet an attorney I would like, less admire. Yet here I am a true admirer of your character and your knowledge. You truly are “the people’s attorney”. Thank you again.“

Former Client

Mr. Low wins in U.S. Supreme Court with Justice Scalia writing opinion

U.S. Supreme Court Ruling

WASHINGTON - Endorsing the notion that no two lawyers are alike, a deeply divided U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday that a paying defendant in Missouri should get a new trial because he was wrongly denied the lawyer of his choice, a Southern California criminal defense attorney.

Writing for a 5-4 court, Justice Antonin Scalia said it did not matter how well or poorly the defendant's substitute attorney performed because the accused had a core Sixth Amendment right to be represented by the lawyer he hired for the case, Long Beach Attorney Joseph H. Low IV.

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