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Rental and Electric Bikes in Long Beach

Rental and electric bikes have become a popular mode of transport in Long Beach and other cities throughout the country. Rental companies such as Citi bike, have expanded and are now an integral part of city commuting.

According to studies conducted by the LEVA, the US had 790,000 electric bike imports in 2021. However, as these have become more popular, electric cycling accidents and injuries have risen.

Risks Relating to Rental and Electric Bikes

Rental and electric bikes are an innovative way to travel, however, these new phenomena give rise to certain risks. The majority of e-bike accidents occur when drivers are negligent and do not obey road laws. Defects in the roads and cycling paths is another common cause of e-bike accidents. For instance, potholes, construction, hardware, trenches, and other obstacles are a risk to people riding their e-bikes. People get hurt when they fall off these lightweight scooters or rental bikes.

In addition to this, they may be injured by other parties and types of motor vehicles on the road. There are also risks associated with defects in the bike. This presents further risk of injury as different parts of the bike including the front fork, battery, throttle, and axle, have caused accidents.

Riders and Pedestrian Injuries

Riders and pedestrians are susceptible to mild and severe injuries. Common examples of injuries include:

Who Is Liable for Accidents and Injuries?

Liability for accidents and injuries often lies with the party who acted negligently, causing the accident. However, one cannot always place fault on the rider of an ebike or scooter.

Companies who own or manufacture scooter and bicycle rentals are susceptible to liability where they have caused the accident or are in violation of local regulations, specifically those relating to safety. Other parties driving on the road may also be responsible.

How Do We Assess Your Case and Ensure You Receive the Right Compensation?

The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV are experts in determining liability resulting from an accident. We will also assess what your case may be worth, what documentation and legal evidence will be required, and the best way to proceed with your case. This process is undertaken diligently, to ensure the best chance at full compensation.

Get Legal Help After a Bicycle Accident in Long Beach

The law relating to accidents involving rental bikes are nuanced and depends largely on the nature of the accident. Rental companies also tend to include onerous terms and conditions, to evade liability in the event of an accident. It is therefore difficult to navigate your rights and get the compensation you deserve, without a skilled Long Beach rental bike accident attorney on your side.

In this challenging time, the Long Beach bike accident attorneys at The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV will fight for your best possible outcome. To let us support you and navigate your legal entitlements, call us on (562) 901-0840.

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