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The Impatience of Aggressive Drivers

In this ever-complicating world we live in, everything feels important and fast; people are often in a rush to get to where they are going. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to aggressive driving, caused by impatience and lack of consideration. Aggressive driving has become a massive problem on California roads, and Long Beach is no exception. This style of driving endangers other drivers and puts them at risk by creating unsafe road conditions.

If you have fallen victim to an accident caused by an aggressive driver in Long Beach, there are avenues you can pursue to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. You shouldn’t have to pay the price for a split second of someone else’s irrational rage. Get in touch with The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV to speak with an experienced car accident attorney that can fight for you to obtain damages.

Signs of Aggressive Driving

Most of us can identify aggressive driving when we see it on the road. Otherwise known as road rage, some maneuvers and oversights that are considered aggressive driving include: honking, yelling, swerving, speeding, driving too fast for conditions, tailgating, flashing headlights, failing to yield for other road users, shouting obscenities/making gestures, ignoring traffic signals, and cutting in front of other vehicles.

Road rage is caused by one driver becoming frustrated, either with traffic, conditions, speed, or other vehicles and drivers. But the rage of one driver, even for just a split second, can have disastrous consequences for other road users.

Penalties for Aggressive Driving Accidents

In Long Beach, California, aggressive driving is legally different from distracted driving because it indicates the intentional negligence of the driver on the road. An aggressive driver can face criminal penalties of fines and even jail time if found guilty, as aggressive driving is a misdemeanor offense.

Sometimes distracted driving and driving while intoxicated can also be classed as aggressive driving, as they all fall under the umbrella of reckless driving; the complexities vary from case to case. Aggressive drivers can also be held accountable in civil cases when they are determined to be liable for an accident and may face the prospect of compensatory or punitive damages to the victims of their crash.

Accidents that are most commonly caused by aggressive driving include “fender-benders” that occur when tailgating; running other cars off the road by swerving or driving unsafely; and head-on collisions that occur when a driver overtakes unsafely. These may result in vehicle damage, injury, medical expenses, or even loss of life.

Liability in Aggressive Driving Accidents

To hold someone liable for an accident, it must be proved that they were negligent while driving. The liability laws in Long Beach are varying and complex, but an experienced lawyer will help you navigate them to pursue justice and compensation. You should not have to carry the burden of your accident costs alone.

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