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Hit by a Drunk Driver in Long Beach?

Drunk driving kills and injures many thousands of people in the U.S. every year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that 11,654 people died in alcohol-related crashes in 2020, at a rate of one fatality every 45 minutes. In California alone, there were 949 deaths in accidents involving drivers with blood alcohol content of .08% or higher, accounting for 26.3% of all traffic fatalities statewide.

Driving under the influence of alcohol carries serious criminal penalties, along with potential loss of driving privileges. Injured victims of drunk driving accidents may also be entitled to file a claim or lawsuit to recover compensation for the losses they have suffered.

If you or your loved one has been hurt by a drunk driver, it is in your best interests to speak with a knowledgeable Long Beach personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Since 2002, the Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV, has helped hundreds of California residents recover the maximum amount of damages after a traumatic event. We will give your case, as well as your family, the attention they deserve. We will pursue your claim relentlessly and be steadfast in demanding the level of compensation you need.

Compensation for DUI Accident Victims in Long Beach

It is clearly negligent to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This dangerous driving behavior puts other motorists on the roadways at risk of injury or death. Victims have recourse under the civil justice system to recover compensation for the losses they have suffered as a result of such negligence. Damages may include:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Property damage
  • Punitive damages (if the driver was legally intoxicated)

Punitive damages, in addition to compensatory damages for your losses, are designed to punish the defendant for misconduct and to deter similar behavior in the future. Punitive damages can significantly increase the amount awarded in a personal injury case. Furthermore, damages for injuries caused by alcohol-impaired driving usually cannot be discharged by filing for bankruptcy.

Who Can be Held Liable in a California DUI Accident?

One of the many unique things about California drunk driving accidents is the fact that there may be other responsible parties besides the driver of the vehicle that can be held accountable. Some examples include:

  • Bars, restaurants, and clubs
  • Hosts of private parties at their homes or other private venue
  • Parents of teen drivers who allowed them to drink and drive

If any other party acted negligently and their negligence contributed to the cause of the collision, they may be held liable. For example, if a bar, restaurant, or any other establishment who serves alcohol, were to over-serve a clearly intoxicated person, that establishment may be held legally responsible. If parents of a minor allowed drinking in their home and this contributed to the accident, they may be held accountable as well.

DUI and drunk driving accident claims are very complex and there may be many responsible parties. Any injured victim of this type of accident should consult with a qualified California personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to make sure their rights are protected. Call the Law Offices of Joseph H. Low, IV today for a free no-obligation consultation. The number is (562) 901-0840.

Drunk Driving Facts

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports some alarming facts about drunk driving in the U.S.:

  • 29 people are killed every day in traffic crashes involving an alcohol-impaired driver.
  • Alcohol-related crashes cost more than $44 billion annually.
  • 214 (17%) of the 1,233 children ages 0-14 who died in traffic crashes in 2014 were killed in accidents involving a drunk driver.
  • More than half (116) of the 214 children ages 0-14 who were killed in alcohol-related accidents were passengers in a vehicle with an alcohol-impaired driver.
  • More than 1 million drivers were arrested in 2016 for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Ask Our Long Beach DUI Car Accident Lawyers About Your Legal Rights

If you have been seriously injured or lost a loved one in a Long Beach DUI collision, The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV can help. Our founding attorney has a track record of positive outcomes in recovering high-value settlements and verdicts. He is a seasoned trial lawyer who is often called upon for legal insight by local and national news outlets, and who has received Martindale-Hubble® AV® Rating and 10.0 Superb Rating on Avvo. After a serious DUI wreck in California, contact us for the dedicated, professional legal representation you deserve. We will make sure you recover the maximum amount of compensation for damages. Contact our car accident attorneys in Long Beach today at (562) 901-0840.

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