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What is a Vehicle Rollover Accident?

Car accidents are devastating and destructive, however, few are more significant than a rollover accident. A rollover accident refers to an accident where a vehicle, often a large truck or SUV rollovers either partially or completely. This is extremely dangerous for the driver and passenger within the vehicle that rolls.

When a rollover accident occurs in a larger vehicle, such as a truck, it can also be particularly dangerous to other vehicles on the road as materials may be released. Rollover accidents may involve different liable parties. These commonly include the driver of the car or truck, or the car or truck’s manufacturer.

What Causes Rollover Accidents?

To ascertain who is liable for a rollover accident, how it occurred must be determined. There are various reasons this accident may occur, including a driver error or inexperience with dealing with a road event.

One example may be where a driver of a larger SUV turns too sharply to avoid something on the road, then tries to fix their overturn by overcorrecting and causing a rollover.

An additional instance where a rollover may occur is when there is a malfunction in the vehicle. For instance, early SUVs were designed top-heavy, making them susceptible to rollovers. Today, malfunctions such as faulty brakes, improper weight distribution, and design flaws may cause rollovers.

Potential Injuries

Rollovers are among the most serious vehicle accidents. Dangerous for external drivers and pedestrians as well as the occupants of the vehicle, 35% of all fatal car accidents were rollover accidents. Where people survive their accidents, they often suffer serious injuries, including:

Who is Responsible?

The party responsible for injuries resulting from a Rollover accident is contextually dependent. Generally, the at-fault party is the negligent driver. For instance, an individual driving a top-heavy SUV, causing a crash that resulted in an external individual’s injuries, would be liable. Unfortunately, heavy vehicles are often driven by inexperienced drivers.

If you were injured as a passenger within the vehicle, you may be able to make an auto accident claim for financial compensation. This is made against the driver’s insurance policy. Conversely, where a vehicle collides with another vehicle, causing it to rollover then that driver causing the collision may be liable.

Manufacturers also bear liability where their vehicle design contributes to a rollover. It is their responsibility to design and test their vehicles to determine if they would roll over in a crash. If injuries were caused by a negligent manufacturer, a product liability claim would be the best option to take.

Receive the Compensation You Deserve

Our experienced Long Beach car accident attorney will assess your case and acquire the relevant legal documentation and precedent to calculate the full compensation so that you may be able to recover. We are well versed in the law relating to rollover accidents and are well equipped to deal with both simple and complex cases.

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