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Roundabouts Are Unfamiliar To Many Drivers in Long Beach

A roundabout is used instead of an intersection to control traffic. There are no traffic lights or stop signs at a roundabout. Instead, drivers travel continuously in a counterclockwise direction until they are ready to exit the roundabout.

When compared to traditional intersections, roundabouts increase the overall traffic flow and reduce the number of serious and fatal crashes. But many drivers have difficulty adjusting to the unique rules for driving in a roundabout, and this can cause accidents. Roundabouts also create hazards for cyclists and pedestrians.

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The Benefits of Roundabouts

Also called traffic circles, roundabouts are very common in Europe, and they are becoming more common in the United States. There are many roundabouts in California, but people like to criticize them, complaining that they’re frustrating and difficult to use.

Unlike many California drivers, traffic engineers rave about the benefits of roundabouts. They argue that roundabouts reduce traffic congestion and eliminate dangerous types of accident that occur at intersections, particularly crashes that occur when drivers are making left turns. City planners and politicians like roundabouts because they are a lot less expensive to maintain than intersections with traffic signals.

Roundabouts Confuse Drivers

The biggest problem with roundabouts is that many drivers just don’t know how to use them. It’s essential to educate citizens on the special rules they need to follow to stay safe on roundabouts and prevent accidents. When people are not prepared to use a roundabout, the following problems will arise:

  • Speeding. Drivers are used to entering an intersection without slowing down. But it’s essential to yield before going into a roundabout. After entering a roundabout, drivers are expected to travel with the flow of traffic, which is about 20 mph. When drivers go too fast, accidents will happen.
  • Sudden stops. Once you enter a roundabout, you must keep moving until you are ready to exit. But sometimes drivers who aren’t used to roundabouts become confused and stop suddenly to allow another driver to enter. This will cause pileups and rear-end collisions.
  • Not giving trucks and large vehicles enough room. Roundabouts can be difficult for larger vehicles, so it’s important to give them plenty of space and never try to pass them.
  • Staying in the right lane. If a roundabout has more than one lane, drivers must follow the signs that tell them when to get out of the circle and which lane to use to avoid accidents.

Problems for Pedestrians and Cyclists

Roundabouts present special challenges to pedestrians and cyclists. Unlike an intersection that’s regulated with traffic lights, drivers never come to a complete stop in a roundabout. Instead, pedestrians must wait for a break in the traffic flow before entering a crosswalk. This creates serious hazards for pedestrians with visual impairments or physical disabilities.

Cyclists can either attempt to merge with the flow of traffic or get off their bicycle and use the crosswalk. Many cyclists complain that roundabouts are dangerous and difficult to use. A study involving more than 300 roundabouts in Denmark found that installing roundabouts led to a 65 percent increase in the number of bike crashes and 40 percent increase in bike accident injuries. Roundabouts are most dangerous for cyclists when they are entering or exiting the roundabout.

Common Roundabout Injuries

Roundabout crashes can cause the following type of injuries and negative consequences:

Have You Been Injured in a Long Beach Roundabout Traffic Accident?

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