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Seat Belts in Accidents

Long Beach is a beautiful coastal city in California, known for its numerous waterfront attractions. However, the striking scenic views aren’t exempt from car crashes and the resulting seat belt syndrome.

Seatbelts are a very important safety feature in cars that prevent or mitigate countless injuries each year. However, in some cases, a seatbelt can do more harm than good, such as causing whiplash and other neck injuries, shoulder injuries, and abdominal injuries.

These injuries may be accompanied by hefty medical bills and arduous recovery processes. It’s worth pursuing compensation if you experience seat belt injuries in a Long Beach crash that wasn’t your fault. The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV can help you through the process of getting the compensation you deserve.

What is Seat Belt Syndrome?

Seat belt syndrome ranges in severity. In the event of a car crash during which a passenger’s safety belt is activated, seat belt syndrome describes when a car accident victim has redness, scraping, or bruising on their abdomen or chest and suffers injuries as a result.

The injuries a victim encounters may include internal organ damage, spine fractures, neck damage, or other internal injuries. Tell-tale signs of internal damage include abrasions on the skin paired with stomach pain, nausea, trouble going to the bathroom, headaches, or lightheadedness.

It is often unclear to the untrained eye how severe a case of seat belt syndrome may be. Therefore, it is recommended that, if you experience any of these symptoms after a crash, you seek medical attention immediately.

Liability for Seat Belt Related Injuries

If you experience an injury related to seat belt syndrome after a crash in Long Beach, you may be facing expensive medical bills and other associated costs. To pursue compensation, it must first be determined who are the liable parties.

If another driver caused your crash, they are likely liable for your injuries and should be held responsible as such. Their insurance company will be asked to pay your claim if it is found that they were at fault in the crash.

Though injuries can arise from seat belts during crashes, it is always important to wear one. Largely for safety, but also because it’s the law, and your insurance cover may be limited or void if you were not wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash. Most insurance companies will not pay out if you were breaking the law when the crash occurred because the laws are there for your safety. As such, seat belt injuries are an unfortunate by-product of mandatory safety measures while driving.

How Can a Long Beach Seat Belt Syndrome Lawyer Help?

Insurance companies are typically difficult to deal with and may drag their feet or reject claims. An experienced Long Beach auto accident attorney will help you determine liability in your case and be able to pursue the relevant parties for damages to cover the medical and other costs related to your seat belt injury.

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