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Getting the Resources You Need After a Long Beach Rideshare Accident

Long Beach is a major California city that boasts a diverse population and a vibrant economy. Major employers in Long Beach include Molina Healthcare, the Boeing Company, and California State University, Long Beach. Many people who live and work in Long Beach rely on rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft to get around.

If you were a driver, passenger, pedestrian, motorcycle rider, or cyclist injured in an accident involving a rideshare driver, contact The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV. For over 20 years, we’ve been helping accident victims in Long Beach get the compensation they need to start putting their lives back together. The independent agency Avvo has given our firm a perfect 10.0 rating for providing our clients with outstanding service.

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What Is a Rideshare Driver?

These days, rideshare companies are very popular, particularly in major cities throughout the U.S. Two of the most popular rideshare companies are Uber and Lyft. Unlike a traditional taxi company, rideshare drivers provide their own vehicles. That makes them far less safe than taxis, which are owned, inspected, and regularly serviced by the cab company. Taxi drivers are hired directly by the company, and drivers are supervised because they have to pick up and drop off their vehicles for every shift.

According to California Law, all rideshare drivers must do the following:

  • Get a vehicle inspection every 12 months or 50,000 miles.
  • Pass an annual background check.
  • Meet strict climate emissions standards.
  • Serve passengers with service animals.
  • Display Lyft or Uber decals on the front and back windshields when on the app.

Problems Reported by Rideshare Passengers

There is almost no supervision for Uber and Lyft drivers. Rideshare drivers apply online, and they only need a satisfactory driving record and a basic background check to get hired. Rideshare companies don’t interact directly with their drivers, and they have no way of knowing if they are in the right frame of mind to operate a motor vehicle.

Uber drivers are frequently exhausted, and that is not a safe way to drive. They put in long hours, and many of them work other jobs as well. There are numerous rider complaints from Uber and Lyft passengers due to the lack of screening and oversight provided by the rideshare companies. Problems reported by ridershare passengers include:

  • Intoxicated drivers
  • Rude drivers
  • Assault
  • Rape
  • Sexual assault
  • Speeding
  • Late drivers
  • Distracted driving
  • Unprofessional drivers
  • Inappropriate music
  • Dangerous driving
  • Dirty and smelly cars
  • Collisions
  • Being taken to the wrong address

Accidents Involving Rideshare Drivers in Long Beach

Regular car insurance doesn’t cover injuries that occur when a driver is working for a rideshare company. That’s why the state of California requires all rideshare drivers to purchase transportation network company (TNC) insurance. Rideshare drivers are also insured by rideshare companies, but this coverage only applies when they are carrying a passenger or on their way to pick one up.

If you were injured in a collision involving a rideshare driver, your Long Beach car accident attorney will investigate the accident to find out which insurance policies cover your injuries and how much coverage is available. This may include:

  • Lyft and Uber insurance
  • The rideshare driver’s TNC insurance policy
  • Other drivers involved in the crash
  • Manufacturers of defective automobile equipment
  • Contractors and public officials responsible for road safety

Damages Available for Rideshare Accidents

If you are involved in a rideshare accident, dial 911 for emergency assistance. See your doctor right away, and make sure to save receipts for all your medical treatments. If you feel up to it, use your cellphone to snap some photos of the accident scene. You’ll want to get pictures of any skid marks and vehicle damage because this provides evidence of how fast the vehicle was traveling.

It will help your Long Beach rideshare accident lawyer if you collect contact information from everyone involved in the accident and any witnesses. After our investigation is complete, The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV will file a claim or lawsuit against anyone whose negligence makes them liable for your injuries.

At The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV, we won’t leave any money on the table. Our firm will pursue every available avenue to get you the money you need to cover your medical bills and other expenses. A rideshare accident claim may include the following types of damages:

  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Reduced earning potential
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy
  • Time away from work
  • Disfigurement
  • Medical devices
  • Assisted living care
  • Emotional suffering
  • Medications
  • Wheelchair access for your home and vehicle
  • Wrongful death

You Won’t Owe Us Anything Unless We Win!

Determining liability for Long Beach rideshare accidents can be difficult, but that’s why we’re here. Trial lawyer Joseph Low can advise you of your options and help make sure you get the resources you need to take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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