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Gambling is often associated with crime. The history of gambling may be to blame for this. Many forms of gambling were illegal in the past, and some types of gambling still are. When the restrictions on gambling were relaxed, it was criminals and members of organized crime who opened and operated the first modern casinos in Nevada. The federal government has since intervened, and Nevada's gambling regulations are much stricter. In California, attempts to prove organized crime is connected to Indian gaming have been made, but evidence is lacking due to, some say, inadequate regulation and oversight in Indian gambling operations.

Casino Gaming

In today's casinos, gaming is the one of the most highly regulated industries in the country. All those involved with casino gaming are carefully scrutinized and required to meet very high standards. Still, there are concerns remaining that organized crime may infiltrate the industry. In fact, there have been instances of organized crime becoming involved with ancillary businesses like machine repair and some instances of individuals connected with organized crime attempting to buy influence in the approval of an expansion of video poker. Casino companies firmly suggest that they are in no way connected with organized crime because they are answerable to many individuals and institutions and are tightly regulated by state governments.

Crimes in casinos and card clubs do still occur because of the massive amounts of money flowing through daily. One example is when a dealer skims the chips by palming their inventory of chips and money, which they are not required to continually record. Collusion is also a risk as casino employees are permitted to gamble when they are not working. Violations of currency transactions and credit abuse are also common crimes inside casinos. Card cheaters add to a big loss of money. Money laundering is a problem because bettors can purchase chips with a large amount of cash and later cash them in to be called "winnings." Non-payment of markers, kickbacks and illegal sports betting are more examples of gambling related crimes.

Illegal Gambling

Illegal gambling can run as high as $100 billion per year. This figure seems hard to believe, but with the many forms of crime that occur in casinos and with sports betting, some have estimated the size of illegal gambling to be even larger.

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