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gun and bulletsIf you have been brought up on weapons charges in the state of California, you will need to act fast to avoid serious issues with both your record and your freedom. The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV is firmly committed to defending those who have been unlawfully searched or seized and strongly believe everyone deserves a fair trial, regardless of the accusations levied against them. We have the knowledge and the determination you’ll need to effectively defend your right to bear arms and avoid conviction.

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What Are My Defense Options With a Weapons Charge?

This is a question our firm gets on a regular basis and in truth - it all comes down to your particular circumstance. No two cases are ever the same, even if they have common threads. In order to fight a weapons charge in the most efficient manner, you’ll need legal representation that can find the best fit for your particular situation - and do it quickly. Unfortunately, evidence can disappear, witnesses can go silent and any chance you had at a rock solid defense could vanish over night.

So, be sure to contact a competent Long Beach criminal defense attorney today to discuss some of these regularly utilized defensive stances:

Illegal Search and Seizure

In California the most common gun charge is 'possession without a permit' - either the person carrying the weapon failed to produce his or her conceal and carry identification or they simply did not apply for one. So, it should come as no surprise that many of these particular charges come only after law enforcement has conducted an illegal search.

Under the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution, law enforcement agents are not permitted to conduct a search and or seizure without meeting certain criteria. Unless a peace officer has probable cause, a signed warrant or your consent, by law they are not allowed to rummage through any of your personal property.

Unaware of Possession

In some instances, an individual may be genuinely unaware that they are in possession of a weapon. In order to be guilty of a weapons charge you must be entirely aware of what you have on your person - failure to prove this could mean dismissal of all charges.

For instance, someone places a weapon in your vehicle without your knowledge; later in the day you are stopped by a highway patrol and found to be in possession of said weapon - because you are unaware of the weapon or even how it got there you cannot be charge with a crime.

Police Misconduct

While the police are charged with keeping the peace and maintaining a safe community, there are times when they themselves cross the line. If an officer of the law abuses his or her or position in the pursuit of a conviction, they could be guilty of police misconduct. In a situation involving a weapons charge this could occur in a number of ways, such as officers violating your civil rights, falsified police reports or planted evidence on your person. In order to prove this however, you will need an attorney who is well-versed in police procedure and able to appropriately represent your position.

The Best Defense

Carrying a weapon in the state of California brings with it a great deal of responsibility. Even the smallest of missteps can land an owner in hot water with the authorities. Should you be facing weapons charges of any kind, it is highly recommended that you speak with Attorney Joseph H. Low IV today. Not only does Mr. Low have a strong grasp of current state and federal regulations, but he also has the trial presence and winning reputation you’ll need to secure a positive outcome.

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Weapon Case Results

  • Illegal Weapon Possession (Felony): Dismissed
  • Assault with a deadly weapon with prior; Result: No jail, probation
  • 12020(a) - Carrying a Concealed Weapon; Result: Dismissed
  • Domestic Violence (Felony), Assault with a Deadly Weapon (Felony), Illegal Weapon Possession (Felony), Battery (Felony), Drug Under the Influence (Felony): All Dismissed

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