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Mr. Low is an experienced and resourceful Long Beach drunk driving defense lawyer and can often convince the courts that a jail sentence would not benefit either the client or society. Many alternatives can be more effective such as drug/alcohol treatment, house arrest, etc. An attorney who is experienced in DUI law will introduce these alternative methods of punishment to the courts and may be victorious in keeping you out of jail.

Your arrest depends on what the police see, hear and do but your freedom can depend on your attorney. If you are in trouble and your freedom is on the line, you need an attorney who is not afraid to fight for you and your rights, a lawyer who is passionate about your situation, dedicated to your case and someone who will NOT quit.

Types of Alternative Sentencing

Jail time is not always the right sentence and many judges will agree that alternative methods of punishment will benefit all concerned far more than traditional methods of incarceration. There are some alternative forms of punishment that an attorney experienced in California DUI law will recommend. Some examples of alternative sentencing are as follows:

Rehabilitation Facilities

Often driving while under the influence is a chronic problem and not likely to be addressed in jail. You may be sentenced to a pre-determined amount of time in a qualified drug or alcohol rehabilitation center and required to submit to regular alcohol and/or drug screening tests throughout your probation period.

Sober Living Houses

You will live in a sober living house at which time you will commit to staying sober throughout your stay and partake in drug and rehabilitation counseling programs.

Electronic Monitoring

You will continue to go to school or your place of employment and you will be able to return home each day but you must adhere to specific rules determined by the court. (i.e.: home by 7:00 p.m. each day). You will wear an electronic monitoring device that will notify law enforcement personnel if you have deviated from the specified restrictions.

Work Release

The probation department will send you to work each day at a place that has been chosen by them, but you will be able to return to your home each evening.

Work Furlough

You are allowed to continue to go to your current place of employment but you will go to a court authorized facility at night.

Alternative Jails

The prison system is comprised of different types of jails. Since your conviction is not considered as extreme as someone who has (for example) been convicted of manslaughter, you may be sent to a correctional facility that is more lenient than traditional jails.

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