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If you have been accused of, or arrested for, allegedly committing an interstate crime, you should hire an attorney from The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV. Our interstate crime defense lawyers have the experience and skills to represent even the most challenging criminal cases. We understand all complex types of Federal crimes, including law violations that take place in more than one state. If you are in need of aggressive legal counsel to defend your rights against an interstate crime charge, contact a Southern California criminal defense attorney at The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV today for a free consultation.

Interstate crimes are crimes that take occur across state lines (in two or more states). An accomplished California felony interstate crime defense lawyer has a good comprehension of interstate crimes, as well as the ability to create individualized defense strategies for clients based on their specific circumstances. Interstate crimes may include:

  • Cargo theft from interstate shipments
  • Commercial auto theft
  • Interstate check fraud
  • Interstate firearms violations
  • Interstate fraud or conspiracy of fraud
  • Interstate mail fraud and wire fraud
  • Interstate stalking
  • Transportation of stolen property from one state to another

Before a defendant can be found guilty for committing certain interstate crimes, the following factors must be proven:

  • The defendant was in possession of stolen goods and transported the items to another state.
  • The monetary value of the stolen items was at least $5,000.
  • The defendant knew that the goods being transported across state lines were stolen.

United States Code Title 18, Part I, Chapter 113, Section 2312, states that: “Whoever transports in interstate or foreign commerce a motor vehicle or aircraft, knowing the same to have been stolen, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both.“

United States Code Title 18, Part I, Chapter 44, Section 924 (I), states that: “A person who steals any firearm which is moving as, or is a part of, or which has moved in, interstate or foreign commerce shall be imprisoned for not more than 10 years, fined under this title, or both.”

Other interstate crimes have similarly severe penalties upon conviction, which is why it is imperative that you hire skilled legal representation right away. If you live in California and have been charged with an interstate crime, you should contact a skilled Long Beach business crime attorney at The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV immediately to ensure that you are being aggressively represented.

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