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Defense for Combat Crimes

That war is a stressful, terrifying, and overwhelming experience cannot be denied. This is reflected in a growing number of combat crimes in which military personnel disobey the rules of engagement, willfully injure civilians, even assault or hurt members of their own forces. Though every case of combat crime is different, these crimes have one common denominator – aggressive and relentless prosecution by the United States Armed Forces, which have legions of attorneys, prosecutors, and investigators ready to end the careers and jeopardize the freedoms of military personnel accused of combat crimes.

The aggressive prosecution of combat crimes is due in part to the United States' adherence to worldwide codes such as the Geneva Convention and its need to uphold a certain global reputation as an upstanding force. In addition, harsh sentences such as confinement, dishonorable discharge, demotion, and even death are thought to serve as a deterrent to would-be combat criminals. That's bad news for military personnel who may be falsely accused and need a chance to tell their side of the story.

Don't Make the Mistake of Obtaining a Military-Appointed Attorney

Though military personnel do have a chance to obtain representation in military court, they often make the fatal mistake of allowing a military-appointed attorney to represent them. This can nearly ruin their chances of making an impression in court. A far better option is to obtain a civilian military lawyer in Long Beach with a rigorous understanding of the military justice system and an eye for your rights and freedoms. The right military defense lawyer can help investigate your alleged combat crime, collect evidence, and make a compelling case for your freedom in court. This could save your career, your future...maybe even your life.

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