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Desertion/AWOL Defense

It's one of the most serious – and most embarrassing – crimes in the United States military. Desertion and absence without leave (AWOL) are becoming more common among servicemen who leave the military without permission or authorization. Though it can seem easy to walk away from your military career, doing so could make you a federal felon, causing you to spend time in jail and jeopardizing your future ability to vote, get a job, and enter into many professional careers.

What Happens If You Are Declared a Deserter by the Military?

Individuals who are declared deserters by their branch of the military face immediate imprisonment if they are arrested by a local or state law enforcement official. A federal warrant will be outstanding until they are located, at which point they will be held in a local jail until they are transferred to a military jail in which they must wait for their day in court. This can be a long and frustrating wait for someone who was picked up for a minor traffic offense or petty crime, and it only gets worse once the defendant faces a military court. Faced with the real danger desertion poses to the military and its reputation, military prosecutors tend to aggressively litigate desertion and AWOL cases, seeking the most extreme punishments possible and using all of the resources at their disposal to make sure the accused person ends up in jail.

Don't Face an AWOL Conviction Alone

Because of aggressive prosecution and the very real consequences of a desertion/AWOL conviction, it is vital that a person accused of desertion or AWOL secure a competent lawyer as soon as possible. In addition, those who are still actively AWOL or have deserted have the option of finding a military defense attorney to skillfully handle their return to the military with a minimum of hassle, stress, and punishment. Whether you have left the military and are looking to deal with the consequences or you are in need of help reporting back to the Armed Forces, you need the right attorney...someone with skill, sympathy, and the experience it takes to fight and win in military courts.

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