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It's a growing problem for the United States Armed Forces – domestic violence rates in the military are estimated to be between two and five times more prevalent than in the civilian population. Whether it's due to the stress of war or the complications of frequent moves, deployments, and other realities of military life, domestic violence is on the rise – and a domestic violence conviction for a member of the military can destroy a military career and threaten the accused person's freedom, finances, and future rights.

Remember, Military Law is NOT the Same as Civil Law

Every military domestic violence case is as unique as the people involved, but a few truths remain – military law is not the same as civil law, and a guilty verdict can almost never be undone in the United States military. With military courts able to dole out punishments like confinement, docked pay, loss of rank, and even dishonorable discharge, it is vital that anyone accused of military domestic violence protect their rights immediately and look for a lawyer who is willing to represent them fairly and competently in court.

The right military defense lawyer knows that there are two sides to every story. They will thoroughly understand military procedures, court martials, and sentencing, and can devise the proper legal strategy including investigation, gathering of evidence, and in-court defense. They can also advise accused persons on how to avoid the media circus and public relations nightmare that can often accompany such cases. Ultimately, the chances of prevailing in court are much higher with the proper legal defense...and it's important to find that defense as soon as possible so that you may be defended as vigorously as is feasible.

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Domestic violence charges are taken very seriously by the United States military. Don't risk losing your career or your freedom because of a false or misconstrued charge. Look for a Southern California military defense lawyer who understands...a lawyer like Joseph H. Low IV, an ex-Marine who is willing to take on tough cases. Joseph H. Low is committed to your justice and your freedom. Call (562) 901-0840 or (888) 454-5569 today to receive a free case consultation and find out more about defense for your military domestic violence accusation.

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