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Defense for Military Drug Crimes

When it comes to drug charges in the military, you need someone who not only has a comprehensive understanding of the Armed Forces justice system, but can personally appreciate the weight of your situation. As a former Marine, Attorney Joseph H. Low IV has witnessed the devastating results a drug conviction can have on a soldier’s career in the service, as well as their personal life. As a successful defense lawyer, Mr. Low is a skilled and knowledgeable counselor, dedicated to bringing justice to everyone who demands it - no matter the accusations leveled against them.

Drug charges are a serious offense and the United States government takes a dim view of such behavior by their soldiers. Military courts move swiftly when it comes to prosecuting crimes involving drugs of any kind, so time is of the essence. If you have recently been brought up on drug charges, no matter where you are stationed, it is imperative you contact The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV as soon as possible. With our extensive experience and comprehensive understanding of military law at your side, you stand a fighting chance of clearing your name and securing your future.

What Defense Options Do I Have in Southern California?

The enforcement of drug laws in the military is nothing to be trifled with. The Armed Services have a very strict, no-tolerance policy when it comes to the arrest, prosecution and conviction of soldiers found engaging in drug related behavior. This is true for both on and off duty personnel. Above all, a service member found guilty of drug charges stands to lose more than just their freedom - their entire military career and ultimately, their paycheck, is on the line.

That said law enforcement officers within the ranks are prone to mistakes just like their civilian counterparts. The prosecution can have their work cut out for them if their claims are backed by circumstantial, falsified or incorrect evidence. There are a number of potential defensive positions available, depending on your circumstance and the evidence against you:

  • False-Positives - In many instances, the prosecution will assume a case is air-tight once the urinalysis is returned from the lab. However, there is a staggering percentage which suggests these results can be more than unreliable. Misinterpretation of the data and confusion with prescription medications present in the blood can lead to a false-positive. Without a 100 percent confirmation, the Government can fail to prove without a shadow of a doubt that illicit drugs were consumed.
  • Unknown Possession - Like in civilian life, an individual must have full knowledge that they were in possession of the narcotics in question. Say, for instance, someone places their stash in your gear. A spot inspection reveals that you have drugs on your person, despite your knowledge to the contrary. The burden of proof weighs on the prosecution in this situation, having to prove you knew full well that the illegal substance was there.

Civilian Counsel for Military Defense

Make no mistake - military prosecutors will attempt to throw the book at you and your entire future if you are convicted of a drug crime. Don’t let your career and your personal reputation go without a fight - contact a Southern California military criminal defense attorney at The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV today. We have the insight and resources to defend your honor in a way that few other attorneys - especially court appointed defenders - can. Call today - (562) 901-0840 or (888) 454-5569.

"Joseph, Thank you for your assistance. Your understanding compassion & incredible expertise are admired & appreciated. I will be referring any of my clients who require legal help to you."
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