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For too many military personnel with promising careers and an enduring commitment to their branch of the Armed Forces, a sexual abuse/assault accusation can be devastating. Not only does an accusation open up the possibility of dishonorable discharge or confinement, but it can destroy a budding career and make it hard to obtain a thorough and fair trial. However, there are options for those accused of military sexual abuse and assault.

Facing Accusations

The severity and circumstances of the accusation will dictate which court martial you face as an accused sexual abuser or assaulter. Prior to your military trial, you may face a lengthy investigation, which can include invasive interrogation tactics and searches to produce evidence for use during trial. Once you are on the stand, damaging and reputation-destroying evidence can be brought against you to make the case for severe punishment. With even the mention of sexual abuse or assault enough to jeopardize a career, it's more important than ever for a serviceman to seek help in the form of an experienced and skillful Long Beach military defense lawyer as soon as possible after the accusation surfaces. Given the complexity of such cases, time is of the essence.

The right military sexual abuse defense attorney can help you protect your reputation, stay out of confinement, and salvage your career. They can protect you against an improper or humiliating interrogation and collect the kind of evidence it takes to prove your innocence in a military court or reduce your sentence. The right military defense lawyer knows how sensitive a sexual abuse accusation can be, and treats his or her clients with respect and deference.

Defense Attorney & Former Marine on Your Side

Joseph H. Low IV is the military crime defense attorney of choice for hundreds of servicemen nationwide facing sexual assault accusations. A former U.S. Marine, he understands military life and the importance of your career and freedom. Have you been accused of sexual abuse or assault? Don't take it lying down – act swiftly and intelligently with the help of the defense lawyer who understands. Call Joseph H. Low IV today at (562) 901-0840 or (888) 454-5569 for a free case consultation and more information on defending your sexual abuse/assault case.

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