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Defense If You've Been Charged with Military Violent Crimes

It's a nightmare for any serviceman - accusation of a violent crime while in the line of duty. With growing numbers of accusations of violent acts such as attempted or premeditated murder, crimes against civilians, even assault and battery, it's no wonder military prosecutors are increasingly seeking harsh sentencing as a warning to servicemen who engage in violent acts against others. Though some may think that the harsh punishment fits the crime, innocent people can have their lives and careers ruined by accusations of violent crimes. And with punishments ranging from confinement to dishonorable discharge to death, a violent crimes accusation in the United States military is no laughing matter.

Military Courts Have Such Different Rules and Laws

Because military courts have such different rules and laws, it is important that a serviceman have the knowledge and expertise to fight for his or her freedom in court. A general court martial is usually called to deal with a violent crime accusation. This court, which consists of a judge and five panel members, is roughly equivalent to a civil felony-level court and is authorized to dole out punishments that range from docked pay to death.

In violent crime situations, the military prosecutor usually seeks an extremely harsh punishment to serve as a deterrent to others engaging in violent crime. While this certainly makes sense given the upswing in violent crime in the military, it can be catastrophic to a serviceman who faces significant jail time or even the death penalty for a crime he did not commit. In such cases - and even in cases where guilt and culpability does exist - it is vital to look for an experienced, reputable, and aggressive Long Beach military attorney to protect your rights and bring you to justice in the military setting.

Strategy from a Defense Lawyer & Former US Marine

A former U.S. Marine and skilled legal strategist, Joseph H. Low IV is just that lawyer. Dedicated to helping military personnel maintain their freedom and rights, Low has focused his career on a military-specific practice that has given him a great depth of experience and a significant set of resources to help military personnel accused of violent crimes around the country. Don't go it alone - contact Joseph H. Low IV today at (562) 901-0840 or (888) 454-5569 for your free case consultation and to find out more about how his legal services can keep you out of confinement for a violent crime.

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