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Civil rights are certain basic rights that are granted to every individual in the United States. While the Civil Rights Movement was an effort to achieve true freedom and equality for African-Americans in society, today the term refers to providing freedom and equality for all regardless of their race, sex, age, disabilities, religion, or national origin. Like other crimes, civil rights violations can range from minor to severe. And in the most severe cases, they can even constitute a felony. If you feel as though your civil rights have been attacked, you need to speak to a Long Beach civil rights lawyer that can make it right. Call The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV today at (562) 901-0840 or toll-free at (888) 454-5569.

Was There a Civil Rights Violation?

There may be many times that a person feels as though their rights have been violated but in fact, their civil rights have not been. For example, an employer at a local restaurant may be looking to hire experienced wait staff. A man applies for the position of cook and is turned away because the employer isn’t looking for cooks, and the man has no serving experience. This is not a violation of civil rights because the man didn’t have the necessary qualifications for the job.

However if another man, who had years of experience behind him and was the best person for the job, was turned down for the job because the employer only hired women to wait tables, this would be a civil rights violation. This is because under civil rights law, no person can be discriminated against because of their gender.

When individuals are not familiar with civil rights law, they can feel as though their rights have been violated when in actuality, they have not been. It’s for this reason that seeking the help of a qualified Long Beach civil rights attorney, such as those at The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV, is an absolute must in civil rights cases.

Is a Government Claim Necessary?

Civil rights violations can be some of the worst crimes in the country and because of that, some rights violations require a government claim to be filed before any private lawsuit is filed. In the example above, a government claim would need to be filed because it was employment discrimination; and government claims need to be filed in all of these types of cases.

Other types of rights violations, such as those that deal with housing, may also require a government claim, but it could be possible that these claims need to be filed in state court rather than federal. At times, the state and federal courts may even work alongside each other in the case. In these cases, the state courts will work with the federal agencies so the individual only needs to deal with their state government.

Determining whether or not a government claim is necessary, and where that claim should be filed, can be difficult. Hiring a civil rights lawyer that knows the law and has the experience needed can certainly make it easier for anyone wishing to file a lawsuit. There are also certain timelines in which government claims need to be filed, and a professional attorney can help with that as well.

Long Beach civil rights cases can be very complicated and very emotional for the person who has had their rights violated. If you feel as though someone has attacked your civil rights, there is something you can do! Contact an attorney at (562) 901-0840 or toll-free at (888) 454-5569. Joseph H. Low IV will help you figure out what your next steps are, and fight for any compensation you may be entitled to.

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