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If you or a loved one have experienced a serious accident and sought medical treatment, you may presume that any health concerns are settled. However, a serious condition known as compartment syndrome may develop in the days following.

Compartment syndrome may cause partial paralysis, leaving the victim in unbearable pain. This syndrome is typically a result of poor medical care.

What is Compartment Syndrome?

Compartment syndrome occurs in the limbs. Within the limbs, there are compartments comprising muscles, blood vessels, and nerves. The compartment is covered in a membrane called fascia. Fascia is thick and rigid, shaping limbs and providing assistance to the arms and legs.

Without these compartments and fascia, one’s movement is limited. When these are damaged in an accident, swollen muscles may hit the fascia, leaving the muscle with nowhere to go. This is how compartment syndrome occurs. The symptoms of this severe syndrome may include:

  • Intense aching in the impacted limb
  • An itching, tingling or burning sensation in the impacted limb
  • Tightness of skin on the impacted limb
  • Numbness or a tingling in the impacted limb
  • Weakness of the impacted limb
  • Swelling or bulging of the impacted limb
  • Partial paralysis of the impacted limb

What Accidents Cause Compartment Syndrome?

Motorcyclists are at particularly high risk for suffering from compartment syndrome after having had an accident. However, other common accidents that cause compartment syndrome may also include:


Compartment syndrome presents similarly to other more common conditions. Diagnosis requires a medical professional to first measure the pressure in your limb.

Once diagnosed, you will be scheduled for an emergency fasciotomy surgery. This is undertaken to release pressure from the compartment, and the incision is closed. In more serious cases, the incision will not be closed, but rather left open until stitches can be made, or the medical professional may use a skin graft to enable the wound to close on its own.

Fasciotomy surgeries are not significantly invasive; however, they are expensive. These may also leave you with severe scarring.

Our Long Beach Trial Lawyers Know Compartment Syndrome

In cases of compartment syndrome, there may be grounds for compensation if a medical professional does not offer a reasonable standard of care. We analyze the standard of practice provided, against the legal requirements. We are well versed in the different areas of claims. These include a failure to diagnose, a failure to prevent where there is a clear risk, and where compartment syndrome develops under another’s care. Through our expertise and these processes, we ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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In difficult times such as this, when you or a loved one have or are experiencing compartment syndrome resulting from an accident, you may not know the next step to take. You may have a right to compensation for your injury. We are experts in Long Beach personal injury claims for compartment syndrome and will work tirelessly to ensure you received the justice and peace of mind following your devastating experience.

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