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The San Bernardino Mountains in Southern California are an ideal location for skiers and snowboarders. Some of the most popular ski resorts in the area are Big Bear Mountain and Snow Summit in Big Bear Lake, CA. Combined, they offer more than 400 acres, 26 lifts, and more than 55 runs. Mountain High resort, less than a two hour drive from Los Angeles, ranks among the most visited resorts in the state. Snow Valley resort in the San Bernardino National Forest is a smaller, family-friendly resort that offers night skiing on Fridays and Saturdays.

What Types of Injuries Are Suffered in Ski and Snowboarding Accidents?

Ski and snowboarding accidents can cause a range of severe injuries, including:

How Can Negligence Lead to Ski and Snowboarding Accidents in Recreational Areas?

Skiers and snowboarders are sometimes injured in avalanches. They can also suffer severe, catastrophic, or fatal injuries through the negligence of others. Many ski and snowboard accident injuries occur as riders are unloading from chairlifts when operators fail to stop the lift in a place where riders can disembark safely. Other common causes of skiing and snowboarding accidents include:

  • Collisions with other skiers or snowboarders: Ski resort patrons should not be hit by other skiers or snowboarders who are out of control and traveling at high rates of speed.
  • Improperly marked trails
  • Unsafe techniques taught by instructors
  • Defective equipment: Faulty skis, poles, bindings, or boots can cause injuries.
  • Obstructions on the slope
  • Improperly marked boundaries
  • Poorly lit or improperly placed signs

Who Can Be Held Responsible for a Ski or Snowboard Accident That Was Not Your Fault?

Ski area operators, chairlift operators, and ski resort staff have a responsibility under the law to provide an environment reasonably free of known safety hazards for skiers and snowboarders in California. California recognizes “assumption of risk,” meaning when you go skiing or snowboarding, you assume the risk inherent in the activity. However, if a skier or snowboarder is injured through the negligence or recklessness of the resort operator, or other by negligent acts, the injured party may have a claim for compensation.

What Types of Compensation Are Available in a Personal Injury Claim?

Personal injury victims in Long Beach are entitled to pursue two types of compensatory damages:

  • Special damages: These are economic losses, such as past and future medical expenses, lost earnings, and loss of future earning capacity.
  • General damages: Also known as noneconomic damages, this category includes pain and suffering, mental anguish, emotional distress, permanent impairment or disability, permanent scarring or disfigurement, and loss of quality of life.

What Should You Do After a California Ski or Snowboarding Accident?

If you have been injured in a skiing or snowboarding accident, the first thing to do is get medical attention for your injuries. As soon as you are able, contact an experienced Long Beach personal injury attorney who can look into every aspect of your accident and pursue all available forms of compensation.

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