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Facing criminal charges demands a lot of courage and perseverance. No matter how challenging your situation, it is important to stay as clearheaded as possible to work towards a positive case outcome. At The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV, you will find an aggressive criminal defense attorney who believes that anything is possible. With a reputation for taking cases that other lawyers consider impossible, Joseph H. Low IV finds a way to make justice a reality. Attorney Low handles cases throughout Southern California, including cities served by the Harbor Justice Center in Newport Beach, CA. For a free, confidential consultation, please call (888) 454-5569 today.

The Harbor Justice Center is a part of the Superior Court of California within the County of Orange and is located at 4601 Jamboree Road, Newport Beach, CA 92660-2595.

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Make Your One Shot Count

In most situations, an individual accused of a crime only has one shot at justice. When years of jail or prison time as well as other consequences, such as fines, probation, loss of a driver's license, and unemployment, hang over your head, it can be easy to step aside and let the criminal justice system take the reins. But it does not have to be this way.

The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV stands by the notion that a client's story deserves to be heard. With years of experience at the Harbor Justice Center, we are dedicated to protecting our clients' rights so that their future can still be bright with possibilities. We never give up on our clients and we will not let our clients give up on themselves.

Answers You Need for a Case Outcome You Deserve

Being denied information can be a common path of the criminal justice system that many arrested and charged individuals may face. However, our law firm believes that having critical questions and not getting the right answers is far from just.

One of the most important things for a person facing criminal charges is to get as much information as possible regarding their legal rights and options. Most of the time, an individual and his or her family do this by finding a lawyer whom they trust and can depend on. Attorney Low is proud to provide effective defense strategies and resourceful evidence to defend his clients' reputations. He keeps his clients informed and up to speed on the developments of their case.

Moving On With Your Life

Quality legal guidance and representation can go a long way in helping a person receive fewer charges, a lower charge, or no charges at all. Whatever your situation may be, The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV wants to help you move on with your life after an arrest.

"Joseph, Thank you for your assistance. Your understanding compassion & incredible expertise are admired & appreciated. I will be referring any of my clients who require legal help to you."
- M.D.