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The dramatic spike in e-commerce in recent years has led to more delivery trucks on the roads. The number of accidents involving FedEx and other delivery trucks has increased proportionately. If you have been injured in a Long Beach FedEx accident that was not your fault, speak with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as you are able. Our firm has extensive experience successfully representing individuals injured in all types of motor vehicle crashes, including FedEx accidents. Call The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV at (562) 901-0840 or toll-free at (888) 454-5569 to schedule a free consultation.

What Are the Common Causes of FedEx Accidents?

Long Beach FedEx delivery truck accidents have many causes, and most of them involve some type of driver error. FedEx drivers have tight delivery schedules, and they may be under pressure to meet targets. Some FedEx drivers may not have the proper training to safely operate large delivery trucks. Common causes of FedEx accidents include:

  • Fatigued driving: Delivery companies such as FedEx may put pressure on employees and contractors with unrealistic delivery volumes and schedules. Long hours on the road with little time for breaks can lead to fatigued driving.
  • Distracted driving: FedEx drivers may be distracted by navigating in unfamiliar areas, locating delivery addresses, using cell phones, eating, drinking, and other distractions.
  • Traffic law violations: Drivers in a rush to meet delivery targets may speed, tailgate, make erratic lane changes, fail to yield the right of way to other drivers, cyclists, or pedestrians, and fail to obey traffic signs and signals.
  • Equipment failure: FedEx trucks that have not been properly inspected, maintained, and repaired, or are carrying cargo beyond their capacity, can have equipment failure leading to serious accidents.

What Types of Injuries Can Be Caused by Reckless FedEx Drivers?

Drivers of FedEx delivery vehicles who demonstrate reckless driving behavior can cause severe injuries to other sharing the road, including:

What Are Your Legal Options After a Serious FedEx Accident in Long Beach?

After a serious injury crash with a FedEx delivery vehicle, you may be entitled to file a claim for compensation against the at-fault party. Our Long Beach FedEx accident attorney can investigate the accident and examine the relationship between the driver and the company to determine fault and liability. FedEx has both direct employees and contractors driving its delivery vehicles. If the driver who caused the accident is an independent contractor, the company may attempt to shield itself from liability. Our experienced Long Beach truck accident lawyer can fight against those claims.

What Compensation Is Available for FedEx Accident Injuries?

Damages you are entitled to claim will depend on the circumstances of your case and the nature and severity of your injuries. Common damages include past and future medical expenses, lost wages or earnings, loss of future earning potential, and pain and suffering. We have the knowledge and resources to assess the full extent of your losses – past, present, and future.

What Role Do Expert Witnesses Play?

In an accident involving a FedEx truck, expert witnesses may be needed to establish liability. Trucks have data recorders integrated into their systems that can provide critical evidence in your claim. You may need an expert who specializes in interpreting this type of data. An expert trained engineer may also be needed to reconstruct the accident and show how it occurred.

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