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At The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV, our knowledgeable Long Beach violent crime defense attorneys have years of experience successfully defending clients charged with gang related crimes. If you have been arrested for a gang related crime, you should hire skilled legal representation immediately to protect yourself from prosecution to the fullest extent of the law and extremely serious consequences.

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Although there are many different definitions to explain what a gang is, an ordinarily used definition is as follows: "A group of three or more people who participate in criminal acts and identify themselves with an agreed upon sign or name." A gang related crime is considered a violent crime in which people involved in the crime (suspects, victims, accomplices, or participants) are gang members or associated with gang members, and are committing the offense to promote or benefit the gang.

With the passing of the Gang Deterrence and Community Protection Act of 2005, gang related crimes will now be punished much more harshly, for both juvenile and adult offenders. Sentences will include increased punishments or penalties to anyone who is convicted of particular gang related crimes. Some of the changes that will result from the new act include the following:

  • 10 year minimum mandatory sentence for gang related violence convictions
  • Increased sentences for convicted gang members who are illegal immigrants
  • Gang members 16 or older may be charged as an adult when being tried for certain gang related crimes

Some crimes that may be considered gang related include:

With approximately 50,000 gang members currently in Los Angeles County, law enforcement agencies have created various programs to put an end to gang violence and gang activities. It is also encouraged that Federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies share information with the FBI. This is used as a way to identify violent gang enterprises across the nation, and increases the chance of arresting and prosecuting the members.

Depending upon the crime that you have been charged with, you may be facing a lengthy prison sentence, probation, house arrest, expensive monetary fines, or other serious penalties. In certain cases, juveniles accused of gang crimes may be placed in boot camp, juvenile detention center, juvenile correctional institution, or charged as an adult.

It is very important that you hire an experienced attorney who has successfully represented clients in similar situations. At The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV, Mr. Low has the skill and knowledge that are necessary to properly defend juveniles and adults charged with gang related crimes in California.

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