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Hate Crime Defense Attorneys in Long Beach

Any criminal charge that can be considered a hate crime should be taken extremely seriously, and aggressive legal representation should be acquired immediately. At The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV, our Long Beach violent crime defense attorneys have the skill and training that are required to successfully represent clients who have been accused of committing serious hate crimes. If you are currently facing hate crime charges in California, call (562) 901-0840 to schedule a free initial consultation with Mr. Low.

Any type of victimization of a person resulting from the individual's race, disability, political affiliation, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, national origin, or sex is a hate crime. Some examples of crimes that may be considered hate crimes, if based on the above listed characteristics include murder, harassment and intimidation, threats of violence, assault with a deadly weapon, vandalism, and assault.

In the State of California all hate crimes are against the law and if found guilty, the defendant will be given an extra punishment. A crime that is typically classified as a misdemeanor may be charged as a felony, if it is determined to be a hate crime. A crime that already classified as a felony will result in an addition prison term of up to three years, if the crime is based on hate crime specifications. In a situation where a murder is committed as the result of hate crime violence, if convicted, the guilty party will be given the death penalty.

There are many severe consequences associated with a hate crime conviction, which include a prison term, loss of certain personal freedoms, monetary fines, probation, and parole. If you are facing a hate crime charge, it is crucial that you hire a hate crime defense attorney from The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV. After reviewing your case, we will create a personalized defense for you, such as mistaken identity, insufficient evidence, or another defense which is sufficiently beneficial to your situation. Our Long Beach criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience representing clients in situations similar to yours, and have been able to have their cases dismissed or their sentences reduced.

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