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Attorney Low with client

2011 began with me in an intense fight in Afghanistan ending in 2012 with a court fight alongside Joe Low. That year and a half involved life changing and life threatening circumstances where everyone dropped me like a bad habit. Joe Low stepped in and filled the void. My command and peers, without ever experiencing any combat errantly made sweeping judgments about my behavior during an intense combat situation. I soon realized, after I got bounced around from base to base with no one wanting to talk to me or affiliate with me, that I needed help outside of the Marine Corps. I researched and talked to at least a dozen lawyers about my situation. Each seemed financially motivated, distant, unconcerned. There was however, one lawyer who seemed to surface time and again as a lawyer who successfully defended the little guy in a military court. My command scheduled me to be flown to a nearby base to speak to NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigation Services). A few days prior, I called Joe Low as my last hope. My phone call via satellite phone to Joseph Low lasted no longer than five minutes long. He quickly told me what to do and to follow his instructions to the letter. I did follow his instructions. Everything he said happened the way he said it would with no surprises. When I left, NCIS and my command were frustrated with me. In their eyes, I was being “non-compliant” and therefore guilty. They treated me worse. Joe then called my command, and I never heard from them anymore about my case. They stopped treating me like crap the same day Joe called. This is just one of many examples of how Joe took care of me.

The Marines that I thought had my back and who I thought were on my side started to disappear as the bogus charges held firm. Joseph Low would call and answer my calls with nothing but positive feedback. I trusted him with my life more than the Marines I had just deployed with to Afghanistan. Not once did I ever feel like I was just a client to him. I looked up to Joe in every way. I never thought I was going to a trial to fight for my life; his confidence made me feel as if I were going to watch a show - his show. In fact, it did become a real show; it unfolded just as he promised. Meeting him that first time pre-trial reinforced my confidence in this man. The pre-trial lasted three days, tough twelve hours each day. By the second day, people were laughing in the stands at the prosecution. The case had taken a completely unexpected turn at the end of day one, all because of Joe. The smug looks on the prosecution and NCIS on day one were of embarrassment and defeat by the end of day three. All charges were dismissed immediately in pre-trial. This alone reeked of irony since my command early on threatened me weekly that I would be in a jail somewhere, sure to receive something other than an honorable discharge, sure to never have a real career inside or outside the military. Once the case was over, Joe held onto every promise he had given me and continued to treat me as a human being.

I owe Joe my life after what I have been through and witnessed. I look up to the man as a father figure and friend. Joseph Low is a great man and will not conform to the pressures put upon you or him. He will fight to the end for you. I have learned that the command and even those who you think are friends are really just in it for their own careers. They just want you to sign their dotted line, when and how they want you to do it. It gives them convenient peace of mind; but they are actually only helping themselves. Event by event, Joe predicted the whole fifteen month long case to the “T.” Not one thing happened unexpectedly to me. Joe is an outstanding lawyer and friend, whether you are civilian or military go to Joe without question and get the last laugh at those who thought they had you in a corner with no way out. Thank you Joe for giving my life back and letting me get things back to normal with my family. Semper Fi and thank you!!


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"Joseph, Thank you for your assistance. Your understanding compassion & incredible expertise are admired & appreciated. I will be referring any of my clients who require legal help to you."
- M.D.