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An accusation for committing a sex crime is one of the most difficult to accept, let alone explain to family and friends. Defending your rights in such a case goes hand in hand with defending your reputation. The social stigma attached to sexual offenses is often unfair given that every individual is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty – not the other way around.

No matter how weighed down you might feel after a sex crime arrest, it’s important not to lose faith. Joseph H. Low IV has devoted years to advocating for the fair treatment of all people going up against the power structures of this country. In recognizing the downfalls of the criminal justice system, Mr. Low defies the odds by winning cases that others thought to be impossible. For more information about your legal rights and options, please contact The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV for a free, confidential consultation.

Justice is Within Reach

It can often feel like the odds are against you when harsh penalties are threatening your freedom and you’re made to look like a criminal before your trial even begins. Most members of society can’t put themselves in the shoes of someone accused of a crime. For this, perhaps they can call themselves lucky, but it is often fear and a lack of understanding that instills this kind of perception.

Mr. Low firmly believes that real justice can happen when an individual’s complete story gets heard. By taking the time to get to know his clients – how they think, what their lives are like, what they hope for the future – Mr. Low provides insightful guidance and aggressive representation. It takes years of experience as a criminal defense attorney to be prepared for the unexpected and think on your toes. Mr. Low has these skills along with a strong sense of honor and dignity.

The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV assists individuals with the following sex crime cases:

It takes a lot of courage to stand up to the threat of a conviction for any of the above sex crimes. While the penalties for these offenses are life-changing, don’t let intimidation talk you into backing down or entering a plea bargain without first talking to your attorney. Lengthy prison or jail sentences, fines, sex offender registration, probation, and other serious consequences of a conviction shouldn’t be taken lightly. On the other hand, the fear of these penalties limiting your life shouldn’t take away your right to a fair trial and effective legal assistance.

Defending Your Rights

With all the obstacles that come with a sex crime charge, overcoming them is not easy. However, with the right approach and the resiliency to take swift, calculated action when under fire, you can overcome this difficult time and get back to living your life. Call defense attorney Joseph H. Low IV at (888) 454-5569 to find out how a strong case can be built on your behalf.

Sex Crime Case Results

  • Charge: 2 Counts of Rape: NOT Guilty at trial
  • Charge: Felony Rape with prior: NOT Guilty
  • Charge: Rape and Adultery: Dismissed
  • Charge: Indecent Exposure: Dismissed
  • Charge: Lewd act: Dismissed
  • Charge: Sexual assault: Dismissed
  • Charge: Rape: Dismissed
  • Charge: Sexual assault: Dismissed
  • Charge: Rape: Dismissed
  • Trial: Child Molestation, Committing a Lewd Act Upon a Child; Result: Not Guilty
  • Trial: Sexual Assault; Result: Charge dismissed after Mr. Low picks jury
  • Charge: 4 Counts of Sexual Assault & Battery; Result: All Dismissed
  • Charge: Pimping and Pandering; Result: Case Dismissed
  • Charge: Prostitution; Result: Case Dismissed
  • Charge: Solicitation for Prostitution; Result: Dismissed
  • Charge: Prostitution; Result: Case Dismissed
  • Charge: Solicitation for Prostitution; Result: Dismissed on day of trial
  • Charge: Sexual Battery w/Sex Offender; Result: Dismissed during jury selection
  • Charge: 9 Counts of Sexual Assault: Result: Dismissed-No jail, no fine
  • Charge: P.C. 261 - Rape: Dismissed

"Joseph, Thank you for your assistance. Your understanding compassion & incredible expertise are admired & appreciated. I will be referring any of my clients who require legal help to you."
- M.D.