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Bike Accidents on the Rise in Long Beach

By Joseph Low on July 17, 2013

bicyclist riding down the highway

According to, bicycling has become more prevalent in the city of Long Beach in response to recent campaigns to make the roads more bike-friendly. However, despite efforts to raise safety awareness among bikers and motorists, the number of bicycle-related accidents has steadily increased at an equal rate to the growing number of riders in recent years.

Traffic data for Long Beach reveals that the most common causes of bike accidents since 2002 include:

  • Bicyclist riding against oncoming traffic.
  • Motorist running a traffic signal or stop sign.
  • Bicyclist making an unpredictable move.
  • Motorist making a right or left turn without watching for a moving bicyclist.
  • Motorist opening a door as a bike passes.

While the majority of accidents are caused by driver or biker negligence, another common cause that the city continually works to remedy is defective roadways. Hazardous conditions that can either contribute to or cause an accident include pot holes, debris or oil, improper roadway designs, and defective safety equipment.

In the event that a defective roadway results in a bicycle accident, it will be necessary to prove that the government agency responsible for the roads knew about the hazardous conditions and failed to fix it or warn others.

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