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Do ‘Beware of Dog’ Signs Affect Liability For Dog Bites?

By Joseph Low on September 5, 2022

person playing with black lab puppy

You might think that using a ‘beware of dog’ sign might offset any liability for the behaviors of the dog. The owner can argue that the sign indicated that the dog posed a risk, and the victim took the risk and interacted with it regardless. However, in the state of California, this is not the case.

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Who Is Liable for Staircase Accidents?

By Joseph Low on July 21, 2021

outside staircase/fire escape

Falling down stairs can cause catastrophic injuries and even be fatal. A single fall can bury you in medical debt and even affect your ability to work again. But if a negligent property owner caused your injuries, then you may be able to file a premises liability claim for compensation. A personal injury attorney with a strong track record of handling similar cases like yours can help you retrace your steps, gather all necessary evidence to hold an at-fault owner of the premises accountable, and aid you in receiving all personal injury compensation you are entitled to when filing a claim.

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Are Landlords Liable for Dog Bites?

By Joseph Low on April 19, 2021

black & white beware of dog sign

Under California’s strict liability dog-bite laws, the dog’s owner is liable for any injuries caused by the dog. However, in certain cases, landlords can also be held liable for dog bites.

After being bitten, it is important to review every potential liable party with your attorney to make sure you get the maximum value for your case.

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