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Court Martial Split Rejected in Case of Brigadier General

By Joseph Low on March 28, 2013

A military judge recently denied a request to split the court martial of a Brigadier General that would see the case subjected to two trials. According to The Fay Observer, the defendant, a former deputy commanding general of the 82nd Airborne Division, faces misconduct, adultery, and forcible sodomy allegations.

The man has been accused of having an affair and allegedly partaking in wrongful sexual conduct with several women who were working under his command. The attorney representing the Brig. General argued that the charges relating to the man that supposedly forced a female captain, with whom he had allegedly engaged in a multi-year affair, to perform oral sex should be only one trial. The rest of the charges of sexual misconduct and fraud would be tried in a separate case.

However, the military judge denied the request. He also denied a request to hire an expert for help with jury selection and delayed other motions dealing with the case.

The man has been accused of 25 specifications of eight criminal charges. The charges include wrongful sexual conduct, forcible sodomy, indecent acts, maltreatment, conduct unbecoming an officer, attempting to violate a lawful order, adultery, and communicating threats. The defendant has admitted to an affair with an Army captain, but has stated that the relationship was consensual. The court-martial is scheduled to begin on June 25.

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