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Drunk Driving Crash Leads to Arrest, Injuries in Long Beach

By Joseph Low on March 14, 2013

A 27-year-old woman from Bellflower has been arrested for an alleged driving under the influence (DUI) incident that led to multiple injuries in Long Beach. As reported by The Long Beach Press-Telegram, the incident occurred around 7:15 am when the suspect’s vehicle crashed into three parked vehicles on Palo Verde Avenue.

The collision led to a man and a woman, who were sitting in one of the parked vehicles, to suffer non-life threatening injuries. The two were taken to a local hospital, but the alleged drunk driver did not suffer any injuries.

The suspect was arrested and booked into Long Beach City Jail for felony DUI. She was placed on $100,000 bail. Authorities have not released information regarding the suspect’s blood alcohol content, arrest procedures, or any further details concerning evidence that she had been drunk driving.

Felony DUI charges in Long Beach can result in much greater punishments than many other drunk driving-related felonies. Eligibility for a felony DUI charge can be the result of causing a crash that leads to injury or death while driving drunk, being convicted on multiple occasions of a DUI, or already having been convicted of a felony DUI. This can result in serious drunk driving penalties including an extended prison sentence, heavy fines, and a long term loss of driver’s license.

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