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During Back to School Season, Practice Sharing the Road Safely With Bicyclists

By Joseph Low on August 9, 2015

child learning how to ride a bicycle

Students all over southern California will soon be heading back to school. Many children will exercise newfound independence by riding their bikes to school, as well as to sports practices, friends’ homes, and other places and events.

Although California bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as drivers when they are on the road, children are often new to these rules and may act in ways drivers don’t expect. Here are some tips for sharing the road safely with these young bicyclists:

  • Minimize distractions. Put away your cell phone, turn down the radio, and pay attention for bicyclists, especially in neighborhoods, near schools, and at intersections.
  • Expect bicyclists to do the unexpected. Particularly if the cyclist is a child or you are approaching an intersection, slow down and be patient. The bicyclist may turn in front of you without looking or signaling. You can help prevent an accident simply by yielding the right of way to bicyclists at an intersection.
  • Keep an eye on driveways and parked cars. A bike can come out from behind anything on the road with no warning. Children are even more likely to “pop” into your field of vision unexpectedly, because their shorter stature makes it easier for a vehicle to obscure them completely until the last possible second.
  • If dropping off or picking up children at school, stay alert. More kids are hit by cars when being dropped off or picked up at school than at any other time. Follow the school’s rules for traffic, and consider carpooling to reduce the number of vehicles at the school.

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