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Four Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Bicycle Accidents

By Joseph Low on June 3, 2014

Bicycling offers great benefits. It’s good exercise, offers a great deal of fun, cuts your transportation costs, and reduces your impact on the environment while still allowing you to travel where you want to go. Like any mode of transportation, however, bicycling poses some risks. By knowing what the risks are, you can take steps to avoid them, decreasing your chances of serious injury.

Here are four ways to reduce your risk of bicycle crashes the summer:

  • Change your route.  In a car, you probably use the busier “feeder roads” to get where you’re going, like most people.  On a bicycle, however, skip these roads in favor of less congested streets with bicycle lanes and paths through safe neighborhoods.  Try to reduce your exposure to busy streets.
  • Signal your turns.  Let drivers know you’re about to turn by signaling with your arms.  If you’re signaling a left turn, check your mirror or glance behind you to make sure you’re not sticking your left arm straight into the path of a passing car.
  • Avoid distractions.  Your iPod or cell phone might seem like a fun addition to your commute, but headphones and other distractions reduce your ability to notice passing cars and other obstacles – increasing the chance of a collision.
  • Pretend motorists can’t see you.  Keep a sharp eye out for cars and other hazards, but ride so that even if another driver doesn’t see you, they won’t hit you.  Stay out of the way, and reduce your chances of being hit even by a driver who isn’t paying attention.

If you are injured on your bicycle this summer, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced Long Beach, California bicycle accident attorney who understands the risks bicyclists face and can help you protect your legal rights and seek the compensation you need.

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