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Gearing Up for Super Bowl XLVII? So is Law Enforcement

By Joseph Low on January 30, 2013

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Super Bowl 47 is only weeks away and if you are a football fan, you are already getting prepared for that traditional Super Bowl party. If you are hosting a party, this means loading up on burgers, hot dogs, hot wings, and any other “Super Bowl food” you can think of in addition to making sure there are enough beer and other beverages to go around. If you are planning on attending a Super Bowl party, then you are looking forward to all of these things. But football fans aren’t the only people gearing up for February 3, law enforcement will be prepared also.

Super Bowl Sunday is a fun event, but the risk of drivers possibly hitting the road after a few beers is not one police are willing to take lightly. There will likely be increased DUI enforcement the whole weekend, but especially on Super Bowl Sunday. The trouble with increased DUI enforcement is that police are specifically looking for drunk drivers and this can lead to misinterpretations of signs or evidence and the arrest of innocent individuals. To avoid being on the radar of a DUI patrol, experienced California DUI defense lawyer Joseph Low urges everyone to follow the below safety tips:

  • Starting with the obvious: Don’t drink and drive. If you plan on drinking, arrange for a ride home or plan on “hanging out” until you are sober.
  • Even if you haven’t been drinking, avoid driving right after the Super Bowl. When parties end, police are on high-alert.
  • Don’t let your party guests drive if they’ve been drinking. Arrange for a ride home or let them spend some time at your place to sober up.
  • Find out if there are any DUI checkpoints in your area and avoid them, not because you plan on drinking and driving, but because a DUI checkpoint can often be a biased method of observation. (It is important to note that DUI checkpoints must be publicly advertised before it is conducted under California law).

Have fun at your Super Bowl viewing festivities, but remember to take proper safety into account so that your memory of Super Bowl 47 doesn’t involve a DUI arrest.

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