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How to Secure Footage of an Accident

By Joseph Low on March 22, 2021

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Wherever you drive these days, you are likely to be on camera. Although it may feel like “Big Brother is watching you,” footage of how your crash actually happened could be a major advantage in your car accident claim. Insurance companies can be dismissive of claims without strong evidence, but it is difficult to argue with video proof.

What Types of Camera Footage Might Be Available?

Video evidence can help explain how a car crash occurred, who was to blame, and how serious the collision was. In our experience at The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV, there are several sources that can be investigated for surveillance footage of a crash.

Red-Light Cameras

Intersections are a common place for motor vehicle crashes to occur. Here in California, local governments use red-light cameras at intersections to catch traffic signal violations. The law states that this photographic evidence may be retained for up to six months from the date it was obtained, or until final disposition of a citation, whichever is later. After that time, the footage will be destroyed. Although red-light camera evidence raises legal issues, it may prove invaluable in intersection collision cases.

Business Surveillance Cameras

Gas stations, large chain stores, and other businesses have CCTV surveillance cameras that may have captured footage of the accident in which you were involved. This can be particularly valuable in a case of hit-and-run. Surveillance footage can be used to identify the license plate number of the vehicle that caused your accident, so you can hold that driver accountable for your personal injuries and property damage.

Dash Cams

Personal dash cams have become very affordable and popular in recent years. If a witness to your accident had a dash camera recording, that person could provide evidence of how the crash occurred to support your claim for damages. It is also possible to pull dash cam footage from a police cruiser, but it would have to have been facing the collision and turned on.

GoPro Cameras

GoPro is a brand name for a compact action camera that combines the best qualities of point-and-shoot cameras and camcorders. These cameras come in a small, waterproof, rugged frame and are often used by outdoor sports enthusiasts for filming their adventures. The immense popularity of GoPro cameras worn by bicyclists and motorcyclists can increase the likelihood that your collision was captured on film.

Cellphone Footage

Most people today have cell phones with high-quality cameras. If there were witnesses to your automobile accident, there may be cellphone footage of the collision. After a serious accident with injuries, trying to find any existing cellphone footage can be effective.

How Can You Obtain Camera Footage of Your Accident?

The first step is to research what types of footage may be available. The next step is to access it. At this point, an experienced Long Beach car accident lawyer can do a great deal to further your claim. First, your attorney can take steps to ensure camera footage that could be evidence in your case is not destroyed; for example, by serving a business with an Order of Protection. A lawyer can also subpoena camera footage as evidence in a car accident case.

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